Hostgator Shared Hosting The Best Hosting Solution For Online Business

One of the largest web hosting provider in worldwide with more discount price. Shared hosting is types of web hosting provided by Hostgator, in shared hosting refers to the fact that multiple websites are sharing a single web server. Shared is a perfect option for a new startup, bloggers or small websites that are just getting started online who need an economical option. For your site traffic grows, you can seamlessly upgrade at any time to a different Web hosting plan such as cloud hosting. Hostgator gives our customer amazing discount coupons for reconnecting, startup and upgrading to another plane using Hostgator Promo code and you can get big discounts.

Shared hosting prices, at this time range, start from $7.95 to $15.96 per month. Category of shared hosting given by Hostgator web hosting is below.

Hostgator Shared hosting category

  1. Hatchling

            In this category you can only one website shared hosting, this plane is computable for startup website. This plane is most cheap and affordable. Hatchling plan price is $6.95/month. And also more benefit in this plan given below:

*Single Domain

*Unlimited Disk Space

*Unlimited Bandwidth

*Shared SSL Certificate

*NO addon domains

*NO anonymous FTP

  1. Baby

            In this plane you can host multiple sites shared hosting, this is cheap in comparison to hatchling plane. The price of this plane is $9.95/month. And also more benefit in this plan given below:

*Unlimited Domains

*Unlimited Disk Space

*Unlimited Bandwidth

*Shared SSL Certificate

          *Unlimited addon domains

  1. Business

              In a business plan, you can host multiple websites with this offers free private SSL and also dedicated free IP. This plane price is $14.95/month. And also more benefit in this plan given below:

*Unlimited Domains

*Unlimited Disk Space

*Unlimited Bandwidth

*Unlimited addon domains

*Free Private SSL & IP

*Free Toll-Free Number

*Unlimited addon domains

*Anonymous FTP

For shared hosting more than hundreds of hosts out, there that are choice for your business and HostGator definitely has priced their packages well. Most people should have no problem affording any of these planes on Hostgator web hosting. The above plan of web hosting is more relevant for customer given by them.

Shared hosting is highly safe to hackers

HostGator is one of the safest web host and hackers can’t access easily. My experience says that more safe our website with us. I have almost 2 years join our website with Hostgator, web hosting my website is more save and working fast also I am happy to connect with us. On the other hand, web hosting and I face issue regarding hacking. I have also hosted on other hosting company on this site more issue face.

Bonus features with them

            *Free Base Kit Site and Tools

*4,000 plus Free Website Templates

*You can Free Website Transfer, Domain Transfer, MySQL Transfer, Script Transfer

*$100 Google Awards Offer by them

Website Essentials availability

            Insecurity point of view this is more important part of web hosting. In case of losing your website or hack your website, you can easily manage with self through c-panel.

Website security

*Privacy Protection

*Site backup and restore


Support center

Quick to answer the phone and the bulk of the support technicians are very good at their jobs. I’ve had very few poor experiences over the years and coming from many years. Easily connect with us given below 24/7/365.

            *With Phone

            *with mail

            *With online chat

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