Some Trading Platforms and Forex Brokers with Bonus

Trading attracts attention of many people. Nowadays, people have greater awareness of potencies and opportunities provided by the trading. That is why many people are interested to become traders and investors. They want to take the opportunity and try to gain profits from trading. It is not bad decision and now there are many platforms and brokers that can provide the trading access. However, choosing the good platform and broker is important. At least, it should be legal and certified broker. Next, you may also look for forex brokers with bonus. The bonus may not be significant compared to the amounts that you can gain, but it is still a bonus and you can get it free so you can take it as additional advantage.

Normally, the bonus can be obtained from the deposit. You will make your first deposit after you register and make account. Once the deposit is transferred and enter your account, later it will become the source to determine the bonus that you can get. There is also welcome bonus and other kinds of bonus. Of course, it does not mean that all brokers and trading platforms offer you the bonus. In case you need to find the ones that provide bonus and they are the licensed brokers and platforms, you can start from the FBS. In FBS, you can gain bonus up to $140. What you need to do is to make an account. You need to register and make new MT5 account. Once your account is ready, there will be access for you to request the bonus. Since it is basically type of request, there is still possibility that you cannot get the bonus directly. To find out more about brokers offering no-deposit bonuses in 2022, visit this website:

Next, you can have XM. What you will get is a welcome bonus. In other word, this bonus is available once you can make or open an account. Once you have the account and make your first deposit, it will be calculated and you will get your bonus. At least, you can start making deposit of $5 as the starter, and you can also deposit more than that. Next, you can trade at least 1 lot and later you will get chance to win a bonus of $10. Then, there is platform in Instaforex. In this case, you will not get welcome bonus or deposit bonus. The bonus can be obtained from your activity. You can get the possibility to win the bonus by opening the account. You need to open the account through promotional form and it is available in online sources. Later, the broker will verify your account to make sure that you are eligible to win the bonus. However, you should take note that the bonus cannot be withdrawn in this platform.

Avatrade also provides you with the bonus. This will be a welcome bonus. However, there is requirement to get the bonus, and you must not be part of the EU clients since the bonus is only available to the non-EU clients. To get the bonus, you only need to register and open the account. After you get the account, you can start your first deposit. It is recommended to make deposit of $1000. Later, you will get bonus and it is counted based on 20% of your deposit. Although it requires you to make big deposit, its bonus is still beneficial since 20% is not small number for a bonus. In addition to those companies, you may also check xm reviews to see good points offered by the company.

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