Meet Your Unique Affiliate Marketing Guru – Simon Andras Peter

Many online marketers style themselves as gurus. Yet, few have what it takes to mentor others on affiliate success.

The average guru overblows their credentials. They sell expensive packages that don’t provide their promised value.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case with Simon Andras Peter.

He’s a unique online personality. He’s one of a few marketing gurus with hard marketing credentials.

And we’re not talking about a college education at a high-end university. Here, we mean practical “hands-on experience” with affiliate marketing!

Don’t Believe Us?

Well, just check out his blogs yourself.

Simon Andras Peter has been in the affiliate scene for years. He’s worked a variety of jobs, from marketing management, to freelancing.

He’s an expert at content creator and acquiring views. And he knows how to retain them too.

But let’s focus on his blogs. He runs 3 of them, each a success in its own right.

A Success in Difficult Niches.

Simon doesn’t run blogs in easy “click-bait” niches.

The topics he writes about are hard sellers with tough competition.

His 3 blogs center on difficult topics. They include legal drug use, travel budgeting, and online gambling.

The previous niches are highly competitive. And there’s a lot of spam with marketing in those categories.

And yet, his blogs have stood the test of time. They’re a success, despite the intense competition to gain and retain traffic.

What’s His Secret?

Well, let’s start off with a simple fact – he has a lot of experience.

But experience alone isn’t enough. It’s experience doing the right things that matters. Through trial and error, he knows what is necessary to succeed online.

Simon believes that affiliate success requires some core skills. Those being experience, persistence, authenticity, and a capacity to create good content.

All are cornerstones to how he gets and retains readers.

You’ll see those principles in action by visiting his blogs. His style is direct and informative. And it puts readers first…

It prioritizes their security, and clarity of information.

In fact, his blogs come off as sophisticated databases. And that’s what making content is all about to Simon.

Be informative, presenting excellent quality, and being honest.

Need an Affiliate Marketing Mentor? Just Check Out Simon’s Blogs!

Simon still runs his blogs to this day. But, he’s decided to take his journey to the next level.

He now runs a company to help other online entrepreneurs succeed in marketing.

So if you need the experience of an honest mentor, just contact him. He doesn’t preach spam, nor does he preach “fast traffic in 1 day” principles.

Everything is genuine – tried and true.

Visit Simon’s Blog Park, and see what he offers yourself!

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