Best provider for Database Hosting in India

Database Hosting is actually a web-based service that makes it easy to manage a server that is well optimized for operating a comparative database hosting India. As there are different kinds of databases, so it requires precise hardware and software configurations to support them.

A database hosting service provider understands it well that how to efficiently organize RAID levels, volumes, and file layout in order to achieve the best possible functionality & development. Presently, we are offering comprehensive secure database hosting solutions meant to defend your server located in India.

Hosting Raja’s web hosting services are totally adapted to accomplish any requirements and targets that can integrate upfront cluster design and consulting and also installing, configuring, balancing of load, protection and recurring administered services.

As a renowned data center service provider in India, we offer database hosting servers with different databases compared to other hosting providers because they insist on particular hardware and software configurations to support the database efficiently. The management team at Hosting Raja is accomplished and qualified in the servers and network environments with the most extensively used database hosting platforms in order to meet the accurate specifications for all kinds of businesses.

All our Database Hosting India Services are entirely customizable to fulfill any specifications and supported databases like Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL includes:

  • Set up
  • Systematizing support
  • Troubleshooting help
  • Elective Database Backup representative
  • Professional guidance and consultation

Advanced database hosting for your web applications

Open-source (or not), database platforms like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL that are very popular offer skillful, nasty hackers a clear lane to attack websites collectively. With us, you can always trust that your database is protected with the most highly developed safety measures.

As an extensively approved database solution, MySQL’s code help grows businesses globally. And, this wide adoption of a particular technology results in an attractive honey pot for malicious hackers who want worldwide exploitation. We offer perfect hosting settings for projects designed on MySQL; our superior, safe cloud hosting ensures that your databases are kept with the highest security and protection.

Microsoft SQL Server’s code is implanted in businesses all over the world. But, it is unfortunate that it results in the global exploitation of MSSQL-based applications by some malicious hackers. We focus on enterprise safekeeping and this is what makes us the just right hosting solution to guard projects built on Microsoft SQL.

Why Hosting Raja is the best for others?

Hosting Raja is one of the leading online database web hosting services in India. Some of our best features for cheap database hosting services are:

Dependable managers accomplished and qualified in the system and server environments with the broadly used database server hosting platforms.

Tailored services to fulfill your specifications; and it also include the upfront cluster design and consulting along with setting up, configuration, balancing of load, safety, etc. Hosting for database platforms like Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft.

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