Why is it important to host a website in a location nearest to your target audience

Hosting a web comes with a lot of responsibility. There are so many questions to be asked and each of these questions must be given a proper answer or solution. But sadly, there’s one question that these web owners often fail to prioritise either because they actually forgot about it or because they do not see the importance.

And that one question is, will the location of the host have any sort of impact on the search rankings? It does and the impact (whether positive or negative) depends on where your host is located.

How this works is that on Earth, there’s a machine that holds every data roaming the internet and hence, the location of this machine is important when it comes to the quality of data distribution. For end users, it is this machine that’s responsible for sharing that piece of information they desire from the world wide web.

All servers do not respond nor perform the same way and if as a business owner, you are not aware of that fact, then you’re setting yourself up for some pretty bad damage to the quality of your web platform services.

If you’re still in doubt about just how important the location of your server is, then your SEO or Search Engine Optimisation initiative will throw some more light. For example, a web page whose server is in America while the business is in Malaysia will get lower rankings than if the server was located in Australia.

Simple. SEO is more credible when the website is not located far away from its target audience.

Experiments also conducted have shown that a website will lose a lot of money annually due to slow load time. Web end users will most likely never return to a website that gave them issues assessing it. And your loading time will be slower if your server is too far off, data travels and this travelling is time dependent and distance dependent. The farther your server, the slower it will take for the data to travel and get to the web user.

Time and location are important factors that are considered by consumers, not just cost. And as you’ve read so far, the location of your web server is as important as any other factor. Not only will it save you money that would have been lost due to slow load time if it is located closer, it will also boost your web page rankings.

There’s really no reason to not put this into consideration. Location is important, web end users will visit your site more if it’s closer to them.

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