Types of VPS Hosting

Businesses or people, who can no longer manage their online loads with shared hosting, turn towards VPS hosting. VPS allows specifically allocated segments of processor power, memory, and hard drive space. It enables users to enjoy similar performances and capabilities to a dedicated server but at a much lower cost. With using VPS, you are solely responsible for setting up, running and maintaining the server including server configuration, security patches, software updates and many more. It can be tricky for those who do not possess the necessary skills for the job. That is there are two versions of VPS hosting- unmanaged VPS and managed VPS.

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Unmanaged VPS

Unmanaged VPS is applicable to those owners who have a technical background or have a technical team to take care of the needs. The host takes responsibility for operating system installation while the site owner is required to take over managing all other aspects including maintenance with the help of technical expertise. The owner is solely responsible for setting up the backup services of the site, installing software, the updates, and also the control panel. Fixing error messages and installing security patches at the right time is needed to counter security threats. Hosts do not provide enough support in case of hardware failure.

Managed VPS

When you buy managed VPS Hosting you can enjoy the IT professionals taking care of your server. The host takes care of installing server software, control panel, and operating system. Along with that, they help with updating the security patches and OS updates. They keep monitoring for malicious attacks and hardware failures. Businesses who want to do the transaction with Bitcoins must choose to host providers with bitcoin dedicated servers. If you want to buy Managed VPS, it is better to learn about the management level that your provider is willing to offer. Make sure to get the necessary technical support from the host to avoid any problems in the future. 

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