Why Latest Oracle ERP Cloud Is Best for Your Business

According to Mr. Shankar Sundarajan, Dir. Strategic Program and Corp. Development, CIMA, “Business success matters. However, as competition increases and the rate of technological change accelerates, quality decision making to create value has never been more important.”

Is your finance team truly functioning as a strategic partner for the business? Or is that just a part-time gig? It’s difficult to be strategic when you’re busy compiling reports, validating data, and processing transactions. And, that makes it even more difficult to provide your business with the kind of insight it needs to succeed.

You can rely on the ERP applications offered by Syntax. Or you can use Syntax Cloud for JDE to improve your system performance.

Maybe it’s time to change the game

The highest-performing finance organizations provide their team members with technology that enables them to focus on value-added work—developing insightful analysis, evaluating decisions, discussing options, and collaborating with decision-makers. It’s not just about having the highest score anymore. It’s a whole new game.

According to a 2015 survey of 2,305 businesses, decision-makers (vice presidents and above) don’t use financial analytics at all for 25 percent of the decisions they make that have financial implications. The reason? They don’t trust the available analyses.

ERP Cloud Solutions Can Help Change The Game

Nearly 2,000 companies around the world—from startups to billion-dollar enterprises —are modernizing finance operations with ERP Cloud Oracle JDE. Focusing on five tenets, Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud (Oracle ERP Cloud) helps modernize and automate finance operations, so your teams can invest their efforts where it counts.

Oracle ERP Cloud offers five major benefits to clients.

It offers Oracle ERP Cloud offers the broadest finance functionality on the market with end-to-end finance and supply chain orchestration.

Oracle ERP Cloud provides real-time graphical indicators on dashboards and work areas to help draw users to items that require immediate action.

Oracle ERP Cloud is already seamlessly integrated with Oracle Social Network, so finance teams (for example) can work socially, collaboratively, and logically.

Oracle ERP Cloud standardizes data, rules, and processes across your enterprise for accounting, taxes, payments, and more to ensure compliance with country-specific business, tax, and legal requirements.

The unique reporting platform in Oracle ERP Cloud is built on a multidimensional model that pulls data directly from the general ledger. Summarized balances are maintained in real time, making reports, online queries, and multidimensional analysis extremely fast


According to the latest research, 81 percent of organizations surveyed forecast moving to the cloud for more than 50 percent of their transactions.

Today’s finance teams can easily spend up to 85 percent of their time on collecting and validating data, developing reports, and maintaining and updating spreadsheets. Too often the true, value-added work of analysis doesn’t start until the end of the week— leaving little time to develop real insight.

With nearly 2,000 customers in more than 60 countries—and incorporating a multitude of industry-specific, multinational, and global capabilities—Oracle ERP Cloud is the leading cloud solution for finance, procurement, and project executives.

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