Private proxy server: how to use it?

Modern technologies do not stand in one place. Nowadays, almost every home has a computer or laptop. With their help, we watch movies, sit on social networks, do work, and so on. When visiting various resources, you lose your privacy, and your device connects to the servers of applications and sites directly. As a result, your privacy is lost due to the fact that your Internet Protocol address is recognized, where you are, and so on.

To preserve anonymity, special browsers have been created. Currently, there are two types of such servers: private and public. Do not forget that with the skills and specially equipped equipment, interested parties will be able to check you.

Let’s take a look at the main types of proxy servers:

– CGI is the most common proxy server. It is designed for web surfing. This type of variety does not require additional settings. It works only within the framework of an open tab, which is accordingly inconvenient. It is easy to find it on the World Wide Web using any search engine.

– HTTP proxy server suitable for meeting the requirements of browsing sites. By connecting it – activity continues until you disconnect it yourself.

– SHTTP server allows you to get acquainted with protected resources.

– SOCKS4 is useful if you would like to configure a proxy server not only for viewing sites, but also for individual applications.

Basically, such servers are used to provide access to the Internet, caching information, protecting the local network, bypassing access restrictions, and much more. But in the main, security and anonymity remain the main concern.

There are also two types of proxy servers known:

– transparent proxy – you can take advantage of all the advantages of servers without additional browser settings.

– reverse proxy – increases the security of servers, and is also often used for balancing network load.

It is advised to connect the proxy server to your device, because this will serve to ensure your safety. In this article, we found out that the most efficient server is private. This view will help you always stay calm. Private proxies can be purchased at

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