Hotel Wifis Needs to be Secured

Who doesn’t love free internet access? We all know how expensive it can be purchasing weekly or monthly bundles so it is always a joy when you walk into a hotel and your phone detects free wifi. Your first instinct is to ask for the password and browse or download stuff but wait, is it really safe? Are they secured with Getflix full VPN?

The truth is, you can’t easily tell and frankly, why risk? Before you tap that wifi icon on your phone, it is good to always take precautionary measures to be on the safe side. First, you need to confirm any available viruses through your laptop if you have one through Firewall and Antivirus. If you don’t have a laptop, ask for the password and make sure you are connecting to the hotel wifi and not some replica aiming to hack into your phone.

You can also ask if the hotel has their wifi covered with GetFlix full VPN which ensures secure browsing by hiding your online activities from hackers. Alternatively, you can also purchase this VPN yourself to protect yourself anytime you want to access any public Wifi since you can’t always ask if a hotel’s Wifi connection is VPN secured.

GerFlix Full VPN has four layers of VPN security protocols namely PPTP Protocol, L2TP Protocol, SSTP Protocol, and Open VPN UDP Protocol. PPTP is ideal for Smartphones and PCs and the set up process is easy peasy. If your PC operates on Windows, Mac or Linux, L2TP or Open VPN UDP protocol is best while SSTP is meant for Windows users.

The good thing with Getflix is that all DNS requests go to their DNS servers. This means they may be able to see what you are doing online but they do not archive, track or log any information captured. The best thing with this VPN is that it uses your normal network connection which does not affect your browsing speeds in any way.

So as you can see, there is a big need to secure hotel Wifis with GetFlix full VPN to discourage hackers from accessing any information from their customers or even infecting their devices with viruses. As long as a device is VPN compatible and as long as you follow the above steps, you can browse peacefully. Additionally, always change your passwords and strong ones for that matter to make it hard for such fraudsters.

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