A guide to choosing an SEO agency

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As a business, you’ve made a great decision if you’re hiring an SEO agency. Your company needs customers, and what’s more, there’s customers out there searching for a business like yours. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help these customers find you, but how do you choose and SEO agency?

This article will give a few tips to serve as a guide to choosing an SEO agency

Bespoke solution for your company or business

As a very arbitrary guide, you should look for an SEO agency that’s a similar size to your business. For example, if you’re a multi-national publicly traded company, you’ll likely need a multi-national SEO agency to ensure all markets and countries are reached optimally.

This is also helpful when it comes to budget – if you’re an entrepreneur or work-at-home parent, you’re unlikely to need an SEO agency that has massive staff numbers and big client base, as it will likely be beyond your budget.

Simply put, you need an SEO agency like WebMetrixGroup who will be able to provide a bespoke solution for your SEO needs, at a budget to match. Too many big or boutique SEO agencies offer a ‘one price fits all’ process, but not only is that likely to be more expensive it doesn’t reflect your own requirements and will likely not benefit you.

Your Keywords

It’s vitally important when choosing an SEO agency that they not only understand your business, but they optimize your rankings in Google that people are actually searching for.

It may be that you’ve certain keywords in mind, but the SEO agency should research these to see if they are actually being searched for in decent numbers. For example, it may be preferable for the SEO agency to tweak your preferred keywords a little to match the highly searched for keywords, but also to a degree that your site ranks for them (i.e. that they are not competitive).

Mutual Understanding

Do you know what one of the biggest problems in choosing an SEO agency is?

It’s knowing that they are working ethically – often known as ‘White Hat SEO’ – in such a way that complements your website in Google’s consideration.

Unfortunately, some rogue SEO agencies adopt nefarious methods to try to ’game’ Google, in the hope of better rankings, but ultimately these methods are ALWAYS caught by Google and often the site is penalised. This can lead to your website being removed from Google, or negatively impacted so much that it’s hardly shown to any online searches.

A guide to choosing an SEO agency that works ethically is whether they explain their processes, and how they will be optimizing your site in Google.

One example of this is in linking your site from other sites, as Google favours high authority content as it then considers your site is useful. IF all your inbound links are from low quality sites (e.g. the sort that Black Hat SEOs bulk-upload to such as directories) then your site will not be considered positively by Google.

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