How To Use Twitter To Drive Traffic To Your Website

When it comes to driving traffic to websites, social media has been very efficient and resourceful. Social media platforms help you find people within your niche as well as potential clients, visitors, or readers. If you leverage the social media, you will be on the winning side.

Twitter is not only one of the most popular platforms, but it’s also the easiest platform to master. If you are willing to take some necessary steps as you do with GAAR, you can use Twitter to drive consistent traffic to your site. Here’s how:

  1. Add a Twitter Customized Button

Adding a twitter customized button will make it easy for people to promote your website with just a click. All you have to do is select the ‘Share a Link’ on twitter resource buttons and specify your URL. Then add a customized message and your username so that you get alerts when someone tweets your posts. Once you do, just copy and paste the code snippet into the website’s HTML.

If your blog is on WordPress, check out the ClicktoTweet plugin. The plugin will make it easy for you to custom the twitter links and share your posts on twitter without leaving your site admin.

  1. Use Hashtags

Brands use hashtags to identify themselves with other people in their niche within their Twitter community. Come up with a unique hashtag that will help your target audience and readers to find and follow your content as well as follow the conversation.

If you are yet to grow your following and audience, using hashtags will help you get to the top. Using hashtags will make people find you when they are searching for certain keywords or subjects. This will attract more following and traffic to your site.

  1. Get Various Influencer to Promote You

One way to skyrocket your social proof is by getting influencers within your niche to tweet about you. All you have to do is approach them the right way. The easiest means would be first to nurture a relationship with them. Don’t ask them immediately, build a relationship they request after some time.

Start by looking for influencers within your niche that have the same audience you are looking to attract. Research on them and tweet about their stuff. While you tweet, make sure to add your username so that they can be able to see your tweets as well. Understand their content and comment on their blog occasionally. Make sure that you are complementing and promoting them intelligently if you want them to notice you.

Do this a couple of times then email them and ask them politely if they can share your content with their audience. If you are diligent, then they won’t mind because you will have built a relationship with them through the tweets.

  1. Manage Twitter on Autopilot

Take about two or three hours a week to think about the engaging stuff you want to tweet and schedule your tweets using apps like Oktopost. This will minimize the time and pressure you spend a thing on what to tweet every day. Look for apps that will enable you to enter all the curated content and message you want to tweet over the weekend into a calendar that will automate your entire campaign.


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