WP Reset – Is It the Best Option to Test New Themes and Plugins

According to the reports, many individuals prefer removing of staging environment bit by bit and build the WP site after completing the test. It is also evident that uninstalling and reinstalling of WordPress can help in testing new themes and plugins. But when you have a limited time to finish the task, you have to use the modern tactics. Today, it is possible to reset WordPress and do the necessary activities for testing.

Once you are done with the process, it requires a few minutes to make your site active for the visitors. Don’t forget to use coming soon plugin. It is a tool to let the visitors know about your testing and maintenance work. Not to mention, it comes handy when you want to reach your targeted audience and don’t want to lose them at any cost. The best thing about coming soon pages is that you can set themes, font style, font color, add characters and images to make it appealing.

Hopefully, you get to know why WP reset is the best choice for individuals. If you want to perform it, you must check out the following information.

How to do WP Reset? – Get the Idea

Resetting your site and bring it back to the default value is not at all difficult. Anyone can do the task without having an initial training for the same. At first, you have to login to your WordPress site and navigate to Tools. Now, go to Database Reset option and customize the database tables to choose the items to reset. If you want to reset them all, you can tick the ‘Select all’ option. Or else, you have to choose individual tables.

Now, proceed to the final step by entering the security code in the box. Once done, you can find that WP is resetting the values and you have been logged out. Within a few moments, it will redirect you to the WP dashboard by logging you in automatically. Congrats! You are ready to test new themes and plugins for the site.

Features of WP Reset Plugins

As you might know that it is a new tactic, it holds a lot of features that include-

  • It is compatible with WP-CLI with which you can observe quick process
  • For any help, you will get support from developers for developers
  • Resetting won’t change or modify files, site address or WP address
  • It won’t delete any plugins, themes and media files remain untouched

All these kind of things make it a popular choice. Today, you can find 50,000+ developers who prefer resetting WP over any other process. If you want to enjoy the testing of new themes and reliable WordPress pluginsyou should consider it.


In this way, you can fasten your process of making your website more appealing and realistic. If you want to create a responsive site, you must take help of professionals. Not to mention, you get the expert’s support and can have monetary benefits because of their knowledge and skills.

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