Why It’s Great to Move and Start a Business in Calgary

Since the beginning of human history, one of the most common reasons why people move is to seek greener pastures. Next to that is the need to feel saferand obtain better access to ideal facilities that would cater their needs as well as their lifestyle choices. Weather can be one of the reasons, too.

Canada is a great place to settle down. Specifically, Calgary is on the top rank of Canada’s best cities. Basically, it’s one thing to consider when you’re torn among the choices available. But what can you expect if you decide to move there and start your own business? Below, we listed down the best advantages.

  1. Low Tax Rates

The biggest pain in the throat for most entrepreneurs is probably the set of complicated tax rules and business requirements in a particular city. High tax rates on everything also prevent many individuals from starting their own business.

Business owners in Calgary though, are happy for the simple tax laws they adhere to. For example, there are no inventory taxes, no payroll tax, and no machinery and equipment taximposed on businesses. In fact, people in Calgary pay the lowest provincial, inheritance, and personal income taxes as compared to the residents of other cities around the country.

With low income tax rates, you could take home a larger revenue out of your business. Check out this related article about that, too.

  1. Strategic Location

The international airport in Calgary is simply a gateway to anywhere including the other cities in Canada, US cities as well as several European and Asian countries. Whether it’s your business that requires you to travel a lot or you tag yourself as a nomadic soul since birth, you’ll surely love how easy it is to fly from Calgary to several other countries and cities!

  1. Talented, Highly-Skilled Workforce

Calgary is home to seven major universities and colleges. This is why a large number of the city’s population are well-educated, career-driven, business-minded young people. If you’re putting up a company, your chances of finding great workers with outstanding talents and skills is surely high.

Also, you’ll find professionals who are well-versed with technology and latest digital marketing practices including SEO. You’ll even see lots of options available on search engine rankings when you look up “Calgary SEO”.

In addition, the city is an ideal place to raise children since you have several choices when it comes to schools and educational centers.

  1. Ideal Transportation Facilities

Do the frequent traffic congestions in your current city irk you to the bones? You’re not alone. It’s one of the biggest reasons why many people become unproductive even though it’s not their intention to do so.

You’ll forget about those long commutes and heavy traffic jams when you move to Calgary. There are a variety of excellent public transportation facilities, too.

  1. Low Cost of Living

For a major city, it is quite astounding to know that Calgary has a low cost of living. As compared to many North American cities, Calgary is pretty much very affordable. There isn’t even a sales tax.

Even the cost of buying or renting a home is relatively cheaper than the rest of other major Canadian cities. Find out a more detailed information about Calgary here: https://www.lifeincalgary.ca/moving/calgary-facts

  1. Canadian Health Care is Topnotch

Here comes another nice surprise: As a resident of Calgary, you will be entitled to provincial health care insurance for FREE. How cool is that?

If you’re a business owner and you have several employees, you won’t have to pay for your employees’health care benefits, unless there are some areas that the free provincial healthcare insurance does not cover. In this case, you will still need to purchase a supplemental health care coverage. Nevertheless, it’s still much cheaper than paying for the entire health care coverage that the government requires all employers to comply.

And here’s a bonus item: Calgary has been dubbed as a world-class city offering amenities that promote healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. It has the broadest urban thoroughfares and outstanding bikers’ pathways among other North American cities. Calgary has a generous number of green parks, sports facilities, and other attractions that provide a variety of outdoor activities for the whole family.

What now? You’d love to move here!

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