Why I Buy YouTube Views From Mass Media

Over the years I have created a number of different YouTube channels for various reasons solely because video marketing still has the highest number of conversions. That being said I’ve created channels to promote several different products and services in some very competitive niches. Since this is a review of my experience purchasing YouTube views and other various services I will not be disclosing any of my channel or video details.

Why? Adding views, likes, subscribers, or anything to your YouTube account is not illegal, but it is a violation of YouTube’s term of services. I obviously do not want anything to happen to any of my channels or videos so they will remain anonymous. If there’s a risk to obtaining YouTube services like this why bother taking the risk? Because when you find a business that can provide these services safely there’s no better way to get your video seen by a ton more people.

There are a ton of shady businesses out there that provide services like this that use botnets and virtual private networks, but stay away from all those services! Especially everything on Fiverr, never purchase a server that can provide YouTube views from Fiverr! The reason is half these people do not know what they are doing, so the views usually will end up getting removed at some point. Also, if the views are not high retention views and simply boost your view counts these views can actually have a huge negative impact on how your videos rank. Retention rates, or the amount of time people spend watching your videos matter and effect how a video is ranked. The longer people watch your video for, the better your video will perform when being ranked, which is why high retention views are so important.

In addition to high retention views, the viewers’ location and the devices being used also play a role. Most suppliers I’ve seen provide mobile views, but you really want to find someone who can provide real desktop views.

I recently came across a business called Mass Media+, and I honestly will never use anyone else for YouTube promotion as long as these guys are around. Everything they provide comes from real high traffic referral sites like Twitter and Facebook. All Mass Media’s YouTube views are high retention, meaning each viewer watches 75-90%+ of your video up to a whole hour. This is huge because it significantly boosts the average view duration on your video, and every view comes from a desktop user!

On top of that Mass Media promises a no drop guarantee! All their YouTube services remain permanently and if anything does drop gets replaced, no questions asked. Besides that their prices are extremely reasonable and they even have an account panel that allows me to track my orders. Most of the other businesses I’ve used do not provide you any information about when the delivery starts and ends. But Mass Media provides me with all this info and provides email notifications as well, which is nice because there’s no guess work involved.

Choosing to buy YouTube views for a video is one of the best ways to get your videos watched more often, especially since most people ignore videos with low view counts. Generally people assume videos with few views aren’t very good, and unfortunately that’s not always true. But having the ability to add views that not only improves your video’s rank, but gets it seen more often is extremely powerful. This may sounds pretty obvious, but getting your video seen by more people leads to not only more views, but more likes and subscribers as well.

I’m not affiliated with Mass Media, but I am a regular customer and I highly recommend checking out their services if you need a hand with YouTube promotion and are working on a small budget.

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