Social Media has without doubt become very important lately. Not just for individuals, but for

businesses alike. Whether we agree or disagree on what social media has to offer, it is a no

brainer that not having an active social media presence in today’s day and age is like having a flip

phone in a world of iPhone addicts.

There are a number of social media, branding as well as website design company in india that

are reaching out to businesses and helping them grow faster than ever through Social Media


But before you set your expectations from social media, we’d like to list out things that social.


There are certain things that you should be expecting if you have invested i social media


  1. Awareness: One thing Social Media is best at is that it allows you to reach out to a large number of people at a cost that you can ever ever imagine through any other channel. These people can be your potential customers thus, can lead to sales. Everytime you post something engaging on your social media, you increase the chances of increasing your web traffic and leads.
  2. Retain customers: It is noted that brands who have a social media presence have higher brand loyalty than those brands that don’t. Along with just being present, it is always prefered that the brand is active, engaging and constantly talking to it’s audience.
  3. Transparency: Once you are present on social media channels, it obviously given you an edge over brands who are not doing so. How? People tend to trust brands better if they present on social rather than not having any social media presence. It also gives your audience an open forum where they can talk to you, give their feedback and thus allows you to get better and grow as a brand.


Everything has limits. So does social media and we need to accept that. It is unfair to have expectations from social media marketing that might never come true. It’s like having an really wild fantasy that you cannot reveal to other people and thus it can never come true.

  1. SUCCESS WITHOUT INVESTMENT: You cannot expect your brand to suddenly become the best and most trending brand on social media if you are unwilling to invest anything. You would have to invest, however little if you wish to see real results from social media marketing.
  2. OVERNIGHT SUCCESS: Everything takes time. Same goes for social media marketing as well. It is not like you started your social media today and you start expecting leads and sales the very next day. If you have this in mind while going for social media marketing, then you have chosen the wrong weapon.

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