Video Recording On Mac Book Made Easy

It is known that MacBook does not have the same operating system like that of others. If you are also confused about how to record videos on your MacBook, we have a solution for you. If you are unsure about the software to use to go for a web chat for download a video then the answer is Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac OS. It is a multifunctional application that can capture screen activity and audio system, record your voice and video calls, edit and convert video files etc.

Five step guideline

Firstly, download and install the Screen Capture Studio. The installation can take a few minutes after the steps are followed for installation.

Secondly, set the capturing parameters after you launch the program. Start by selecting the Record Screen option in the main window. Adjust the frame using the cursor manually or opt for the Capture Area menu. Then select between system audio and microphone separately or together. If you want the program to capture keyboard and mouse actions select the specified options as well.

Thirdly, when all the parameters are set select REC for recording the video. The program will start recording and you can pause, stop or cancel using respective options anytime of the recording.

Fourthly, you can also edit the recording which is on your discretion. Open in Editor to make adjustments in your recording. There are enhancing filters which will help you unleash your creativity. At the end select Export to save the edited file in a format preferable to you.

Lastly, the other optional feature is converting a video. If there is any problem with the format you can switch it by first clicking on the Save As button. Expand the More presets menu and click on Video and audio. Hit the save button when you have selected the format that the file needs to be converted in.


This application is easy to use and has simple capturing and high quality footage. With this application easy to know how to record video on MacBookAnd it is no longer a problem. The application is free of cost to be downloaded. With the simple set of steps it is simply accessible and can be used by anyone. The program can record videos of YouTube, TV serials and other videos. Download the application today and enjoy the benefits of its features.


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