Traditional Marketing Methods You Should Still Be Using

Marketing is probably one of the few most important the 21st century sciences. While it is not actually recognized as a genuine science (as physics or chemistry), it has become an essential part of every economy and from there, the integral part of every society. It has always been here, lurking potential customers into buying new products and keeping the existent ones on the “right track”, but only with the rise of information technology did it blossom to its full size.

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On line with tradition

Today, when the world is moving online and younger population has already moved to the virtual world, marketing has many new tasks. If you want to advertise your business or company, you need to cover as many routes as possible. That is why many selling and producing companies bombard us daily on social networks and other Internet sites (such as online news portals, gaming sites etc). While that chunk of the market territory is quite large, online advertising only will not meet the total requirements of your company. It is true that you must be present in the virtual space to make your existence complete, but some people still use some stuff for being informed, educated and for solving their everyday problems. If you are aiming at the late middle-aged and the old people, some more traditional marketing methods might turn out to be a a smart investment that will eventually bring more profit to your company.

Act locally

If you own a shop or a craft-workshop, the cleverest thing you can do is act locally. Being a small or middle-sized entrepreneur has its advantages. Firstly, you do not have a big boss whom you must obey, but you create your own business and employ all your creativity and energy into it. That is why you can act locally in a successful way. Being a small entrepreneur also means that you visiting fairs and conferences is a good way of making new connections are people in you block. Newly opened shops must be very agile in terms of marketing to attract customers. For instance, opening a bakery means that you should launch some new types of bread and pastry, especially if you are in the block that is already brimming with that sort of shops. You can introduce a happy hour, in which pregnant women or pensioners can buy stuff at a lower price, or you can distribute leaflets with special offers. Also, to act both locally and environment-friendly, goods that have not been sold during a work day can be sold at half their price in the evening. That will give your bakery (or any other shop) a good reputation.

Although fairs and such events might seem a little bit outdated, it really depends on the perspective and the kind of work you do. If you have a tourist agency or any such firm that needs social contacts and it cooperates with other firms, visiting fairs and conferences is a good way of making new connections and staying in the game. Also, picking a trick or two might also be handy for your future projects.

Traditional marketing strategies should not be considered a relic of the past and smart business owners should cover the whole array of possibilities and fields of marketing to get the full and most adequate result.

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