Tips for Planning and Using Facebook Marketing In 2019

Everything changed when Facebook implemented new algorithms back in 2018, and that created havoc because algorithms removed more than five thousand targeting options.

That is when numerous brands found it challenging to gain engagement and attention by using this particular social media platform.

In late 2018, Facebook inflated video statistics, and this news was disheartening because most marketers, especially the prominent ones, relied on Insights so that they can create content plans as well as marketing budgets.

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The primary goal of this particular guide is to help you determine the latest changes that Facebook created when it comes to marketing purposes and creating an appropriate strategy that will help you reach more audience than before.

  1. Balance Your Content

Similarly, as we have mentioned above, a big picture of data will provide you an indication that brands should not avoid using different types of content instead of short videos.

Of course, due to advancement in technology, during 2016 and 2017, the use in the form of short videos on Facebook increased by brands, since most of them thought that potential customers do not have time to read content,so it is more digestible by implementing a short video instead.

That is when Vice Media and MTV decided to replace writers with short-form videos and people that are making these types of content. Since the trend reached immersive popularity, it brought us to a point where we have to pivot to video.

Due to these particular reasons, thousands of journalists and writers lost their jobs, and according to statistics and customers, this specific trend created more significant havoc than brands thought it should.

For instance, sites lost millions of readers because they created only video content on their portals and websites.

At the same time, publishers that entirely implemented video content entered the point if shock when they understood and discovered that their website traffic dropped significantly.

At the end of 2018, we have an explanation of why most publishers decided to invest in the video instead of writing content, and the consequences became devastating for them.

According to analytics, the popularity of videos reduces,and they were watched for two to three seconds at most.

These measurements created a challenge as well as consequences for companies that wanted to use Facebook data. At the same time, one company decided to file a lawsuit against Facebook so that they can recover damages due to faulty analytics.

Even though the lawsuit is still ongoing, documents provided by Facebook offered legitimate reasons to question whether video content is successful enough.

Even though Facebook claimed that they fixed incorrect results and issues that lead to it, this particular trend is not something you should rely entirelyon.

For instance, some studies have shown that video is not the best way to create meaningful engagement, especially if you are using Facebook.

Of course, following trends can help you reach more audience and customers than before, but it is vital to have a common sense and to avoid investing everything in one form of content because that will create devastating results.

Therefore, we have to urge you to think your content marketing through and to avoid only short-videos, which mean that you will need to create a healthy balance of content types that you wish to make along the way.

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  1. Facebook Engagement Rates

The engagement on Facebook decreased in 2018,and that is a fact. Researchers have found that overall participation is continuing to decline especially for people that have Facebook Pages.

The question is why is that happening acan you increase brand engagement on this particular social media platform. We will present you a few tips that will help you improve brand engagement in 2019:

  • Publish Frequently – Have in mind that if you wish to become a successful brand, you should publish at least five posts daily. On the other hand, if you are publishing only one post a day, that will create a significant engagement drop. Have in mind that it is challenging to publish five posts a day, which means that you should do it at least once so that you can maintain the engagement rates. In an ideal scenario, you should find a way to post at least five times a day in current and already planned schedules, so that you can test whether the frequency works for you or not. If you are not able to publish relevant and quality content five times a day, then you should choose one perfect post and release it daily.

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  • Publish Short Videos – We have mentioned above that videos are essential,but you should avoid using only this particular type of content to engage with your potential customers. Have in mind that ideal video length for users that are on Facebook is between 30 and 120 seconds. If you wish to publish a video, which will be less than two minutes, you will be able to receive the highest engagement possible. You can also implement vertical videos, which are a common choice and approximately 90% of Facebook users are browsing by using mobile devices, which means that vertical formats will be more visible and convenient for them. That way, users do not have to turn their devices to view videos, which will increase the engagement and convenience in overall. According to studies, more than 80% of people say that vertical video formats are preferable and more engaging than horizontal ones. At the same time, it is a more innovative approach that will allow you to boost your brand’s presence and awareness. Therefore, if you wish to publish video content in 2019 on Facebook, we recommend you to consider video format instead of other types. That will help you increase overall engagement so that you can improve your brand awareness.

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