The Science Of The Internet: How Web Hosting Works

You browse the Internet every day, but do you know how websites are made? Websites are created by web developers. Web developers conceptualize and strategize web layout and template. They use different programming languages. The most widely used programming languages are hypertext markup language (HTML), cascading style sheets (CSS), and Java. These enable developers to create graphics and flash effects in websites.

Websites are operated by web hosts. Website owners obtain uniform resource locators (URLs) and internet protocol (IP) addresses. URLs and IPs serve as locator addresses for websites. They distinguish websites from one another. URLs begin with http//: and end with domain names. Domain names specify the nature of a website. For instance, a government website ends with .gov, whereas a universitys website ends with .edu. In addition, domain names indicate a web owners location. Some domain names end with country acronyms, such as .jp, .uk, and .us

Furthermore, IP addresses are composed of 4 sets of numbers, each having 3 digits. These numbers are separated by a dot or period. Numbers in IP addresses range from 1 to 255. For instance, a web owners IP address is These numbers produce 4.2 billion unique IP addresses. IP addresses are used in tracking down web owners and developers. They are useful in monitoring websites with illegal contents.

URL and IP address are acquired from web hosts. There are two classes of web hosts. These are resellers and administrators. Administrators are developers of web hosting panels. They configure applications and programs for web hosting. They providereseller web hosting cpanel software to resellers. A web hosting panel generates distinct IP addresses for clients. Likewise, it specifies domain and sub domain names for URLs. It provides a list of available IP addresses and URLs. It also presents an inventory of URLs of all clients.

A reseller web hosting cpanel is used in launching, development, and maintenance of websites. It allows website owners to manage their websites. Resellers assist clients in website maintenance. A hosting panel has built-in communication device. This device allows owners to contact resellers for program troubleshooting. Interfaces allow resellers to monitor broken links in a website.

A reseller web hosting cpanel is an important tool in web hosting. It is the main programmer of a website. Hosting panels create a slot for new websites on the internet. Basically, it is the foundation of web hosting.

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