Six Things You Need to Know About Social Media & SEO

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization and social media are two essential marketing focal points for marketers and business owners. Both strategies bring in organic traffic through the creation of an attractive business identity.

SEO is all about trying to get more people to visit your website organically to gain more visibility. On the other hand, social media marketing primarily focuses on being discovered by your target audience. While both may appear to be worlds apart, they do have similar goals and can work seamlessly to elevate your entity.

Keep in mind that an excellent social media strategy will also boost your SEO efforts significantly. Have a look at some of the most essential things you should know about SEO and Social media.

1. Social Media Encourages External Inbound Links

Social media is very useful when it comes to external links linking to your website or content. It is a great SEO factor because having more diverse external links means that you will have more authority in Google’s eyes. The only requirement here is to have exceptional content that will attract the links you need.

From here the social media sites you work with will only work as broadcast channels that will help make you and your works more visible enhancing social reputation as an industry leader. This is also bound to maximize the number of links leading to your site

2. Social Media Can Get Your Website Indexed Faster

Search engine spiders also use social factors when indexing websites. When blog posts go viral on sites like Twitter and Facebook, it will end up getting indexed faster because of the attention it receives. This, however, does not mean that each and every tweet or Facebook post you put up will end up on Google’s index.

It must be relevant so that it can be easily found by people who are looking for similar content. For instance, when searching for Bill Gates, you will discover that most top results are social media pages or profiles because it is relevant to the search question.

3. Social Media Listening Can Help you Pick The Proper Keywords

Keywords remain a very valuable part of SEO. You must keep up with how the audience researchers these words so that you always use the ones that will bring in the results you need. Nowadays, one of the best ways to do this is through social listening. Looking into the conversations that your target audience has on social media can give you insights on what they really want and need.

This, in turn, will help you come up with content that caters to their specific needs. As a result, you will also be giving Google and other major search engines what they are searching for. You can even use invaluable ranking tools such as to get precise keyword ranking results. This will shed light on whether you are using the proper words or you need to revamp them.

4. Social Media Strategies Enhance Local SEO

Local searches play an important role especially for medium and small-sized businesses. Google knows the significance of geography and its weight in giving better user experiences. For this reason, if your entity has a physical address, it is crucial to include updated business details that include name, address, phone number, etc, on all your social media profiles. The details should match in all channels if you do not want to miss out on potential clients and experience lower rankings.

5. Understand that Social Media Channels also Double up as Search Engines

Today, most people do not just rely on search engines like Bing and Google to look for the information they need. A huge number also turn to social media mediums to find what they want. This implies that you must expand your business SEO content to also include social search engines. Make sure that people can easily find your official social media profiles by labeling them clearly or ensuring that there are no duplicate accounts that confuse people.

6. Social Media Pushes SEO Content

Social media amplifies SEO efforts by availing an avenue that promotes the content of your website. After working so hard to come up with loads of great quality, you can use various social media channels to promote the content so that many more ears and eyes can consume the content. If you have great content many people will stick around to read it influencing time-on-site engagement and bounce rate. Search engines find the engagement metrics valuable when they are in the business of ranking websites. To benefit from this make sure your social media pages push your organic content to promote engagement and most importantly drive traffic to your business site.

All in all business owners and marketers must align SEO and social media marketing strategies to take advantage of the organic traffic that comes from both ends.

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