Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing

We can say that search engine optimization has the biggest role in digital marketing. It became so complex and important, that agencies that do SEO and digital marketing are having trouble with some clients to rank them higher. A lot of artificial intelligence programs are in use to help Google better analyze websites can rank them correctly.

In the future, it will be harder and harder to rank as the technology becomes more advanced. People are coming up with solutions at every update Google and other search engines make for ranking. There are a lot of agencies and professionals in this area that can give you great advice like Determined Solutions SEO to get on that first page on Google.


A lot of things have changed looking at the past when we talk about search engines. You could rank just by putting the correct keyword in your articles or your headlines. Nowadays, there are many parts and many details you need to look at to be sure you’ve done everything correctly.

Keywords are still being looked up by Google, and they always going to be, but everyone has become perfect in executing them, so it won’t make you any trouble because you have a lot of websites that can give you the data and analysis needed to pick the right keywords.

Using backlinks is another way to optimize your site for growth. The more popular and accepted links you have in your articles at the right place, Google will more likely accept your website and rank it better.

Search engines are becoming really great at making programs, something that looks like artificial intelligence, which is looking at every aspect when someone visits your website. How long they stay on a certain page, what they have clicked on, where they scroll to, everything is being calculated in the system and ranked.


Social media marketing is a part of digital marketing that is growing rapidly throughout the years. One of the advantages of this kind of marketing were you can use pictures, videos, moving pictures, is that it is cheaper than television commercials.

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Facebook marketing is one way you can choose to go, but usually, management chooses all social media sites that are popular. These sites are constantly updating their way for users to promote what they want meaning that there are always new ways to do the marketing. Instagram has come up with a couple of ways, since the start, to promote like Instagram Stories.


Search engine marketing is every detail that goes for SEO and adds to that some more search engine marketing tactics. That includes paid search, such as Google Adwords. Also, it includes any other type of paid placement where you are actually advertising on some type of search term.

A lot of people think that SEO is a way you search for organic traffic that is free and SEM is everything that you pay for, but that is not true. Search engine marketing is so much more, and depending on the agency, the tactics are different.

Nowadays SEO is so complex, there are so many layers to the tactic like optimizing your website, making it appealing, making sure structured snippets and your schema markup is working at the website level, keyword densities, making sure your text to image ratios are right, your alt tagging is right, your title and meta description. Read more on this link.


Social media optimization is similar to search engine optimization, but their particular goal is the social media. You can use it to generate publicity on social media and attract them to your product, service, or event.

When you look at SMM, it looks like it has the same tactics as SMO, but the difference is that social media optimization is done on your website. SMM is everything that is going outside your website on social media, promotions and other activities.

When you compare SMO and SEO, with SEO you are looking to rank better and when that happens, SMO comes in and tries to keep that audience and get their approval. With great SMO your content will be spread on the social media and your products will be noticed.


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