Marketing automation tool from bpm’online as a source of the revenue growth

In the highly competitive environment, companies have to implement various digital technologies to improve business profitability and attract as many clients as possible. Marketing automation tool offered by bpm’online can be the best solution for your company. You can learn more about all the features of on the web page

The main objective for the majority of companies is to get more profit and promote their brand among the potential customers. That is why the budget for marketing campaigns is rather big. Some companies prefer spending their money on content marketing, the others – on e-mail marketing. Both methods bring essential revenue and meet the company’s expectations. But employed together the results may be even more impressive.

Marketing automation tool is becoming more and more popular as well as bpm’online CRM which is described in detail here Make sure that you can change your business for the better.

Marketing automation tool – what is it?

One of the key tasks for the marketers is to generate and nurture leads. It is necessary to identify and develop various communication channels that will help to attract more quality buyers, including the potential ones. Experts in marketing turn common website visitors into potential buyers and save all essential information and their contacts until the time these visitors plan to purchase.

All these moments are hard to implement without any special marketing software. Marketing automation tool designed by bpm’online helps to automate all the marketing processes in your company to reach your main objectives. It also allows monitoring the leads and content problems using the diversity of modern communication means as e-mail, content, mobile and social media sources. You will be able to work with potential customers at the earliest stages of acquisition.

Lead nurturing as the key moment of marketing campaign

Companies that use such bpm’online products as marketing automation tool understand the importance of lead nurturing – one of the most essential strategy in marketing. The main benefits of this tactic are the following:

  • its proper usage helps to turn great number of quality leads into those who are ready for sales;
  • such leads make more purchases than non-nurtured ones;
  • this category of potential customers determines the criteria for the client service and becomes regular buyers.

It is extremely important to keep in touch with prospects by offering them the most appropriate offers at every stage of the interaction. You also have to control the results in order to consider whether the applied strategy is successful or not. Special attention should be paid to such indexes: conversion and click through rate, time-to-time conversion.

The key to the success is also to create relevant and engaging content that will be useful for great number of users. Only in this case the whole marketing campaign will reach the target audience.

Marketing automation tool for lead generation

The usage of marketing software allows generating more quality leads if it is implemented correctly. In other circumstances it will be useless but takes a lot of effort, money and time. To run the lead generation process successfully is impossible without deep understanding of your customers’ needs and interests. It is easier to communicate with potential buyers through different communication channels:

  • e-mail;
  • social networking sites;
  • mobile.

All of these means are very popular today and widely used in the marketing sphere. It helps to reach main business goals and properly organize individual marketing campaigns. Bpm’online marketing automation tool can create the detailed profile that includes the most essential information about this or that potential customer.

Increasing the productivity level through sales and marketing cooperation

The question of the cooperation of marketing and sales teams in the company raises much controversy. Statistics shows that both teams are quite important for the efficient work of the company and only their proper interaction can lead to the business prosperity.

Do not forget to check if your chosen marketing automation tool can be integrated with your SFA (Sales Force Automation) system. Companies who use such modern technologies were able to significantly increase their annual income.

All the facts mentioned above prove that marketing automation instruments developed by such brand as bpm’online, are the integral parts of the modern and successful business. They are used to optimize the work, reach the business goals and attract clients.

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