Level Up Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Ipad and iphone on a desk showing facebook with a social media results report

Facebook has been one of the most effective platforms to market your business online. Facebook offers different tools which can help you create a successful online campaign for your business and establish strong online presence. Written below are some tips that you can follow to ensure you create good impressions and connections with your customers.

Time Your Posts and Ads Wisely

When posting on Facebook or scheduling your ads, it is essential that you know how to time it wisely. Remember, the period of the day when your posts or ads are shown has a great impact on their effectiveness. Do your research on which days are most people in your target market online. Some have said that lunch break and early evening are the ideal times to interact with your audience.

Do test runs of your ads as well. Post them on different days and on different days and find out which time slots are most favorable to you. You can also try a company that offers social media marketing services for a more hands off approach.

Be Economical

When you use Facebook Ads Manager to put up ads all over it, you will be asked for a bid price. What is the significance of the bid price? Well, if you have a low bid price, Facebook will show your ads to those people who spend a lot of time on Facebook. Sounds right for you? Wrong! These people generally spend a lot of time on the social media site and therefore, they are less receptive to advertisements online. Hence, your ads will not be as effective. Furthermore, it will affect your quality score negatively and you might even lose more bids. It is a vicious cycle!

Here’s a tip: do not overbid in the price, your max bid price should be the real amount that you can spend on per click. Bidding too low is also not preferable since you will lose all bidding in that scenario. Study first your campaign. Have a daily budget for your ads and work on that budget. There is a sweet spot in your ads wherein you can have the most number of clicks in the budget that you can afford.

Target Your Audience

Before you put your ad or post out there, you need to identify first your target market. Your product or services might be geared towards a certain segment of the population and trying to blanket market out there might actually hurt you in the long run.

With Facebook, you can narrow down the people that will be exposed to your ads to your fans or followers, for instance. To be able to effectively narrow down your target audience, you need to be as detailed as possible in inputting their descriptions to help Facebook in weeding out others. The key to an effective ad is to make pertinent people see and click your ad.

Tell Your Story The Right Way

After narrowing down and specifying your target audience, the next thing to do is find the right story to tell them. Your goal is to make them read your ad and click on it. What you need to put on your ad depends on your product and your target audience. The ad’s words, voice, content, and style all depend on those two factors. So research thoroughly what your target audience most likely will respond to.

Never ever forget to have a call to action at the end of the ad. You can use applications that can help you test different titles, body texts, and images in order to ascertain which ad will be most effective. Tools like those available in Qwaya and other programs will surely help.

Utilize the Conversion Tracker

You should be aware that different types of ads and posts have different ROIs or return on investment. You’ll know that you’re doing the right thing when you have good ROI on your ads. You can opt to have conversion tracking services of software like Qwaya. In their conversion tracker, you will be able to know exactly which ad paved the way for a certain sale. This is important to ensure that you put your advertising expenses in the right plac

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