Is Colocated Server Hosting Right For Your Business?

The big national and international corporations have the Internet infrastructure to host their own web servers. They also have the budget and large IT staff to efficiently manage the server 24/7/365. For medium and larger businesses who do not have the budget and space, this can put them at a disadvantage when it comes to achieving a level playing field.  Fortunately, these businesses do have a server hosting solution available to them that will help them increase their competitiveness. Colocated Server Hosting is worth exploring to see if it is the right hosting solution for your business.

How Colocated Server Hosting Works?

Colocated Server Hosting, or Colocation hosting, involves placing your server in a host’s data center and share their bandwidth like it is your own bandwidth. You take your server to the location of the colocation provider. It is installed in their rack. If you do not have your own server you can rent a server from the colocation provider.

Once your server has been installed, the colocated server host provides power, an IP, and bandwidth, to the server. After it is operating, you access it similar to how you access a website on a hosting provider.  With colocated server hosting, you not only buy or rent the server, but you also buy your own software and hardware licenses and keep them in the data center. Most of Colocated server hosting plans include charges for Internet connection, protection, and maintenance. It is one of the higher cost hosting services.

About The Data Center

The data center is a high-tech and secure facility. The colocated server host company provides effective security, redundancy, space, management, and temperature and humidity controls. There is normally a locked cabinet to each server rack of each business. There is also a security staff and security technology in place such as surveillance cameras and special locks. The hosting provider also provides backup power and disaster recovery solutions.

Who Chooses Colocated Server Hosting?

Colocated Server Hosting gives a businesses the flexibility to develop, manage load balancing, maintain their server, and perform other server administration tasks. It is often chosen by businesses who have their own server and have server administration experience. It is also chosen by businesses who do not have the space, staff, and compliance and risk measures in place.

Benefits of Colocated Server Hosting

Most colocated server hosting plans enable users to lease or purchase their own server and server software which means you do not have to rely on a hosting provider to install the software or tools you want. Colocated server hosting is also a good choice because of the high tech data centers providing a fast and reliable internet and power backup connection.

The cost of the bandwidth is another important advantage. For instance, for the same price or less of a low cost limited bandwidth business grade DSL line, a server can be placed in a colocated server facility that provides better redundancy and higher bandwidth speeds for the network connections. As well, if you move, you can leave the server up and running the entire time. There are also savings involved as you will not have all of the high costs of protecting and maintaining a server at your business.

For people who operate small websites, they would do better going with a conventional web hosting service. But, if you have server and require more independence and need the server to be more robust, colocated server hosting may be the ideal choice. It is also a good option to consider if you have a small or medium size business and want to have a really large presence on the web. As well, if you have staff who are experienced with server administration, colocated serving hosting at is well worth considering.

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