Insights on nbn Lift Phone Solution

The lift phone is an integral feature of the lift’s safety system. People can call for help during an emergency, especially during a power failure. If your facility’s lift phone is not operational at all times, you’ll breach the Workplace Health & Safety legislation as you won’t be meeting the Australian Standards for lift phones. In fact, in NSW, lift service providers rescue people trapped in lifts approximately 400 times every year. So, it is vital that emergency phones operate at all times.

It is a well-known fact that the nbn network will soon replace their existing fixed phone and internet networks throughout Australia. So, the implementation of the nbn network will definitely affect the operation of emergency telecommunication systems, including lift emergency phone. Yes, this migration will significantly affect the buildings that have lifts as the emergency phone technology won’t work during the outage.

What should you do?

The proper function of an emergency lift phone minimizes the risk of injury or death. Although the existing lines operate during an outage, the NBN utilises fibre optic technology that doesn’t carry power. As a result, many facilities won’t have a landline that works during a power shutdown. If your emergency lift phone is not working, it is because of the existing telephone network, which is yet to be disconnected. In such a case, chances are higher that your emergency lift phone will no longer work when there is a power failure and network issue. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to upgrade your lift’s emergency phone.

If your emergency telecommunication systems are not operating when there is an outage, it is time to upgrade your lift’s emergency phone to make sure the occupants can get the assistance all the time, especially when there is a network issue or power failure.

Here is your nbn lift phone solution

Discuss your options for switching your emergency lift phone to alternative network service providers. Once you find out the practical solution, work closely with the service providers to manage the migration process. Check whether your building’s emergency lift phones are operating properly and inform nbn that your services have been upgraded successfully upon completion of network migration.

Think Pickle offers a wireless lift phone system which could be easily installed and ensured that your lift emergency phone is always connected through 3 x A Grade mobile networks. The Think pickle’s 4g lift phone solution has no upfront fees and utilises a great mobile network with quick response time and multiple backups. It could be installed in all lift makes and models. The equipment is fully tested and approved to Australian Communications and Media Authority compliance standards. Think Pickle is the right solution for lift phone nbn.

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