Important SEO Regulations To Understand In 2018

Search engine optimization is an indispensable part of digital marketing nowadays. However, due to millions of websites, search engines such as Google added new and more complex regulations to get the top rank. Even though things are changing rapidly, the SEO in 2017 is similar to 2018 when it comes to fundamentals.

The idea is that you cannot cheat the system, cut corners and take shortcuts. The best thing that you can do is choose an agency such as Brooklyn SEO that will help you put ideas in work. The reality tells us that search engine optimization requires plenty of time.

You can find hundreds of rules to the algorithm, and even though it tends to be confusing, you will be able to reach top ranks if you follow them all. Let’s see the most important ones that you should follow to make your website rank better than before:


Authority is the array, volume and quality links that you create over time. The more you have it, the more links you’ll be able to pass on. You will be able to access it through different tools to see how things work out for your website. The idea is to follow Domain Score (DS) and Domain Authority (DA, which will help you gain a great deal of authority on your domain.

However, you should have in mind that the score will not be in real-time, but it would take months to see the first results.

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In 2018, the vital part of your website and search engine optimization is quality content. Over time, the importance of content increased and today, you can only rank if you have an informative, engaging and high-quality content that will prove useful to readers.

Nowadays, you won’t be able to reach maximum rankings by using software that will spin some other content. If you have low-quality content, you won’t be able to reach heights you wish for. Therefore, avoid using anything that could give your website an amateur-like perspective.

Today, your content has to be unusual, outstanding and the best one to gain high rankings. It has to engage the visitor and provide value that will allow him/her to learn new things through it. The more engagement your website has, more users will share the content, and you will get a better ranking than before. The best thing that you can do is to invest in content because it will pay itself over time.

Improve Your Website Speed

You can find numerous tools from Google and other manufacturers that will analyze your website and notify you whether you should make some improvements for better ranking.

Page speed is essential because people don’t have time to wait for unresponsive websites. Therefore, by increasing rate, you will improve potential visibility and increase engagement that will help you gain higher rankings.

You should:

  • Reduce response time to request, because that will drive away people from your website.
  • Block JavaScript and CSS above the website fold.
  • It is crucial to minify CSS, JavaScript and HTML everywhere you can.
  • Reduce browser cache because that will increase the speed of page
  • Reduce resolution to images so that you can improve responsiveness and page speed.

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Add Value To Your Website

We have mentioned above that it is essential to have a high content all the time. Therefore, you should avoid making shortcuts to fill up your website. Algorithms can check whether your content features value and if it’s getting better with each month.

It is useless to hack the system because you will need appropriate content that will reflect your website. The useful content will increase the traffic, visitor’s engagement and social media shares, so that you can raise brand awareness and search engine rankings.

You should:

  • Add useful content with more than 2,000 words with comprehensive explanations on a topic that you wish to analyze.
  • Add healthy links as well as relevant internal and outbound links to gain greater prominence
  • You should always add sources and back up facts with relevant studies and statistics.
  • Make your content readable to anyone, not just your target audience. Make sentences short and direct, without a literary approach.

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