How To Submit A Guest Post

A guest post is when a person writes an articles on another persons blog or website. This is done by many writers to promote their site, to increase traffic on their sites for exposure, to get new perspective on some issues and they get to be established as writers.

These are the steps if you want to submit a guest post on any website or blog:


First before even writing the article one must first do their research. The research can:

  • You can search for sites that allow guest posting.
  • It helps to know the post guidelines that the blogger has.
  • You get to know if the websites’ content must be in line with your niche or industry.
  • The audience of the site is what you are looking for or will be the audience to read your article.
  • There have been sites that have been recorded as spams, which is why researching ensures you get a site with good reputation.
  • Enables you to search for a site that will meet the expectations that you want for your blog.
  • You get to know other bloggers who have submitted guest post in the sites, how the guest post do and which guest post do best.

Contact the blogger.

Guest posting is beneficial to both parties but the main focus is the bloggers site as you are only writing an article. This means you have to show the blogger your work, your plans and niche that you want to guest post on their site so that they can have a look and decide. They may decide not to take your offer or give you guidelines to follow. You have to wait for their response but if they take too long you can follow up and ask for their response.

When the blogger accepts your proposal then submit the guest post to them.

Publish the guest post.

This is when the blogger has accepted your guest post and has published it on their site. The blogger decides when he wants to publish the article on his site.

They best times you can contact the bloggers site for a guest post if:

  • They post another guest post in their site.
  • The site mentions your business or business product in one of their articles.
  • The blogger mentions your work on his site or on social media.
  • The site is looking for writers to submit guest post in their article.

Do not forget to link any link to your blog or any previous work done on your guest post.

Guest posting is good way for bloggers to interact, get known and recognized for their work and also get to expand their blog, website or work. The best thing about guest post is that it is beneficial to both parties. However, some people end up writing poor quality articles or their needs is different from the other person which makes it necessary to research on websites before approaching the blogger to write a guest post.

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