How To Compare Yourself To The SEO Competition?

Comparing yourself to the SEO competition is becoming the need of the hour because only in this way you can compare your website’s performance with those top ranking websites and ultimately implement the best practices which will lead to your benefit.

Here are some important points or steps that will help you to compare yourself to the SEO competition.

Comparing through SEO Audit
  • To see how you fare in front of your competitors is a part of SEO audit that can be done at any given point of time.
  • Though it is a time consuming step but in actual it tell about the exact situation and performance of your website as compared to your competitor’s website.
  • The reason why this is a time consuming step is that there could be different competitors and in this case you have to compare with each competitor’s website to measure your site’s performance.
  • Though such SEO audit activities are little time consuming but the efforts that you are putting will not go into vain as there are many long term benefits of this exercise and your website will sustain with higher rankings & more traffic for a quite ling period of time.
How about checking the Social Media Presence?
  • In recent years Social media Dubai has emerged as a very strong platform and it cannot be ignored at any given point of time.
  • There are many hugely popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and You Tube that can be a very good indicator of your own website’s overall popularity.
  • The best and ideal situation is to have a large fan following and excellent number of reposts. If you have both of these things it means it is a very good sign and you are moving towards a good direction.
There are so many factors other than page ranking factor
  • Apart from page ranking factors there are few more things that determine your overall ranking such as Page Authority, PR, Domain Authority and many more such things.
  • You also need to consider all these things while comparing yourself to the SEO competition.
Off-Page ranking factors cannot be ignored
  • As on-page ranking factors are important the same way off-page ranking factors are also equally important.
  • Some of the important off-page ranking factor include having backlinks from a good quality website, you should have unique back linking domains that are ore excellent quality, there should not be any back links that are toxic in nature such as spam websites.
  • In order to check all such backlinks there is an amazing tool that can be used and is called as “this one”.

Apart from all the above mentioned points there are few more things that you need to check such as Meta Tags, javascript, Images, Outbound links and many more such things.

Once you compare all these things you will be in a better position to say anything about your own website. If everything is good then there is no need to worry and in case you find loads of issues then it is time to act immediately and make the necessary changes in your website for better results in the future.

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