Few Important Points To Remember While Designing Website With Drupal

Drupal is open-source, free CMS framework that is written in PHP. This software is distributed as per the rules of GNU General Public License that is users can download the same for free and use it for designing websites. Drupal is the newest platform that provides support various latest technologies that are prevalent in the world of web and are used in web designing. The principles of Drupal project boost standardization, reusability and flexibility in the use of the same. The standard version of Drupal is also known as Drupal core has features that are common to CMS and this includes menu management, maintenance, account registration and customization of page layout.

Designing is easy

One new version of this versatile and popular web designing platform was released last year and this is known as Drupal 7. This open-source platform is built on a modular structure and then adds various features by the web designers. The development in this platform makes web designing easy for the newbies and the seasoned web designers. For successful web designing all you need to do is download the Drupal 7 for free, install the same and then use the same. There are few points that you need to consider while designing a website.

Use standardized designing elements

The key to good designing with Drupal is the user of design elements as bullets, arrows, buttons and icons that can be reused. As per the need of the site often these elements are resized, but it is essential to maintain a standardized size of these elements. If you are using any of these elements on various backgrounds make sure that these are in separate layers as this helps to use the same on sprite. This helps in reducing the loading time of the websites. Use of grid for web designing, is an upcoming trend in this arena.

Grid layout helps

While designing with Drupal, you can also use grids to determine the layout and implement the same with the principle of the open-software. Designing in accordance to the grid can make your website visually appealing and it also gives uniformity to the site. Grids help in creating a template of the site easily without much difficulty. You can also add variations to the web site designing. For your PSD if you have a grid layout then you can alter the design as and when needed.

Configure your sites color setting

Another important step of web designing is to configure the color setting of the site in Photoshop. This is color-managed software and this helps in setting different elements used in the site. Determine the content of the site much in advance so that it does not become cluttered. The sites designed with Drupal are built with the help of various templates and it is important to maintain continuity for the same. If you have a sidebar in your site with different designs then you can take more time to style the same but with and uniform style designing process will take less time. Use of jQuery is another trick that can be used in the websites as these helps in adding other elements of designing and also the plug-ins easily.

Know the forms of Drupal

It is important for the designers to have an insight of the different forms that are used in web designing. These forms often lure the designers to redesign these websites. If you have undertaken a time-sensitive website then you need to limit the changes only to CSS. An important tool that you cannot afford to miss while designing a sire with Drupal is Fireworks. This is used in creating vector-based documents of multiple pages and these are perfect for duplication of templates and various elements of designing.

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