Ecommerce design Trends That Are Increasingly Becoming Popular Today

In the present-day fast changing ecommerce landscape, it’s hard for any web designer to anticipate what’s to come. What’s new today and this might be obsolete tomorrow! To deliver customers a seamless shopping experience and furthermore put yourself one step in front of the competition, you as a designer need to always evaluate the benefits of current trends. In case you’re aspiring to set-up your online store, you should know about what’s trending right now in the e-Commerce territory.

Here’s a closer look at the latest ecommerce design trends that have dominated 2016.

Flat Design

While flat design is indeed a trend that can be spotted on a wide range of websites, it has a few features that make it an especially solid match for e-Commerce websites. As this style of design shuns numerous decorative elements, it’s an amazing way to place the full focus of an online store on the products.

Upwardly Responsive

Responsive design is a basic need for most websites today. However, it’s vital that you design for large screen devices and furthermore optimizing it for viewing on a Smartphone and tablet. That is since there’s a growing trend towards browsing and shopping on high resolution devices, such as, mobile phones and smart TVs, etc.

More than 30 percent of online shoppers have devices with high screen resolutions of 1920 pixels or higher, which shows exactly that it is so essential to consider those larger sizes.

Rich Animations

Because animation is an awesome way to engage and interface with potential customers, scores of e-Commerce websites have begun infusing it into their designs to make online shopping experiences more entertaining. When put to use in the right place at the right time, animations make the users feel that you actually care about their experience.

This year, we saw more e-Commerce websites making use of beautiful animations such as button spins, icon rotation and loading bars to make the customer’s experience memorable.


Competition is very high in today’s e-Commerce sector. So, storytelling is the only way to make your brand to standout. Exhibiting your content in a special and convincing way, an incredible story not only sets up a passionate association between your brand and your customers, it further increases loyalty and sales. In fact, storytelling breathes life into a stagnant brand.

Card Design

As of late, card layouts have become the favorite of most designers, and this ecommerce design trend will without a doubt continue into 2017 and past. Firstly, since cards are one of the principle elements utilized in Material Design; Secondly, as they work seamlessly with responsive web design.

An outstanding feature of card designs is that they are user friendly. Letting you arrange your products, they not only help shoppers effortlessly get all pertinent information at a glance, but also let them browse all the more effectively if a specific item doesn’t suit, leading to more successful up-selling.

Despite the fact that not all of these ecommerce design trends will be right fit for all retailers, using at least some of them are surely going to give a competitive advantage.

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