Choose A Web Design Company In Aberdeen That Designs Simple Websites

Web design is the process of creating and maintaining websites with varied discipline and skills. It is a term used for describing the designing procedure of a website as per the instruction of the owner of the website. Web designers who are into designing business websites should have the capability of using the best techniques and creative instincts for designing websites that instantly catch the attention of the internet users. Web designers also need to be fully aware of the web accessibility principles. There are different responsibilities that need to be taken up by a web design company in Aberdeen and these include creating attractive websites, banner ads, logos, creative videos, sketches, marketing strategies for generating traffic and social media creatives. Such companies also help their clients in building a strong online presence and converting dreams into reality.

Why Go for Simple Websites?

Web design has greatly evolved over the years. The growth in this field has been constant. Nevertheless, web designers still need to understand the value and the attractive appeal of simple websites on the digital front. There are many web designers who are not ready to accept the fact that simples sites tend to be more Google-friendly in comparison to the complicated sites. Complicated websites with all their pomp and frills serve as an immediate reflection of the hard work put into them but they are not the winners. On the other hand, simple websites appeal to the internet users and they offer large scale benefits. This is the reason why it is important for business owners to choose the services of website design companies that excel in the field of designing simple websites.

Simple Websites Do Not Take Much Time to Load

Complicated sites with much bloat and fluff do not load faster in comparison to the ones that come with simple features. This is because complicated websites are packed with images, videos and animation. The unwanted codes make it very difficult for the sites to load fast.

Simple Websites are Google-Friendly

Another important benefit of choosing a web design company that designs simple website rather than complicated ones is that the simple websites are more Google-friendly. They open faster and this is the reason why they are highly prioritised by Google. Google does not prioritise complex websites that come with complicated flash animation due to the fact that it does not recognise flash animation. Therefore, business owners should always aim towards restricting the use of flash animation in their websites so as it make it more Google-friendly.

Simple Websites are User-Friendly

Internet users find it very easy to browse through the pages of simple websites. This is because they fully understand the web page structure and the menu that they need to click on in order to get to the desired page and information. This way they can even open a website on their smartphones without going through the hassle of clicking different links for getting to the exact location.

When making the choice of a web design company in Aberdeen, it is necessary for you to be fully informed about the quality of web designing services offered by the company.

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