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Enjoy Facebook Advertising Success this 2017 with These 4 Key Components

When it comes to sheer following and clout, there is no denying Facebook has remained unparalleled over the years.

Taking its massive popularity into account, many brands turn to Facebook advertising to boost their online marketing efforts.

Unfortunately, most advertisers do not have a realistic expectation or a clear insight into how advertising on Facebook really works.

While Facebook advertising is undoubtedly powerful and effective, it will only work given all the right components are in place.

For the uninitiated, below are 4 key components you need to take into consideration to enjoy Facebook advertising success this 2017:


Often ranking high (if not first) on top of the key components is targeting.

It is considered by many to be very critical in the success of any Facebook marketing efforts and with good reason.

Even if you are able to successfully come up with the best ad to promote your products or services, it would prove futile if you are targeting the wrong people.

For starters, targeting visitors on your site will allow you to drive conversions that are cheaper, something you couldn’t do with interests or lookalikes.

Bottom line, giving your focus to a cold audience alone should be considered a poor long-term strategy.

While you are likely to experience success every once in a while, you can expect better results by targeting those who people who read your content, engage with you, provide e-mails, and patronize your products or services.

Ad Type

One of the challenges of creating a Facebook advertising strategy that works is coming up with the ad type that will work best with your brand.

How can you effectively determine the best ad type for your campaign?

First and foremost, you need to employ the ad type that will achieve the objectives you have identified and set.

For example, if your primary goal is generating more traffic, using a carousel ad will work best.

If getting more conversions is what you have in mind, using a link is considered better.

If your goal is fueling more engagement, you can use an image or a video, and so on and so forth.

Tracking and Reporting

This is one aspect of your Facebook advertising campaign you should never forego.

To tract conversions, you should use Facebook pixel.

Depending on what you want, you can either use Standard Events or Custom conversions, or both.

The important thing is you need to employ at least one of those options.

While it is tempting to believe using Google analytics is enough, such is not the case.

You have to keep in mind that conversion is not the result of direct traffic alone.

In addition, you should also include offline conversions in your tracking.

If you are not tracking your offline conversions, you are only getting a limited picture of your entire marketing campaign.

Split Testing

For an online marketing campaign to be successful, you need to find out what works.

It would be impractical to run a single campaign utilizing a single ad set and believing Facebook advertising is a failure if things won’t work out.

In line with this, you need to consider doing experiments every now and then crucial.

Determine what works when it comes to optimization, copy, imagery, targeting, and more.

You can either create multiple campaigns to find out what works or you can utilize Facebook’s built in split testing tool.

When you choose to use the latter, Facebook will provide you with a minimum budget because you need sufficient data to get relevant results.

As a general rule of thumb, just ensure you are creating a sample size that actually means something so you can gauge what works and what doesn’t.

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4 Types of Social Media That Is Essential For Your Business

In today’s world, it is very difficult to find someone who is not active on social media. We are sure that you too are not an exception. You must be a social media pro with active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest. But, did you know that these social media platforms are more than just for simple socializing. Yes, you got that right! You can use these mediums to market your business and increase its productivity.

Well, here let’s discuss about the four important types of social media and how they can be beneficial for your business.

1. Social Networks- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Well, we all use these three common social media platforms; Facebook for connecting with friends and family, Twitter for keeping up with the updates and current trends and LinkedIn for professional networking. But, these three platforms have not only helped people across the world to connect, at the same time allowed various businesses to come into contact with their consumers globally. These online platforms allow the businesses to research the market, enhance brand awareness, generate lead, relationship building with customers and the list goes on.

To keep in touch with your audience and provide them a quality customer service, the social media is the best option you have. Try it yourself and witness the results.

2. The social sharing networks- Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat

These are another online media sharing platform, where you can share photos and videos for an enhanced ROI. The things you share must be engaging enough to increase your brand value and lead generation. If you ask us, we will suggest you to make professional explainer videos or whiteboard animation videos and share it on Youtube. This is a great way to explain your customers your products and services and keep them connected to your network.

3. The discussion forums- Reddit, Quora

With the coming up of social discussion forums like Reddit and Quora, it has become easier for the marketers to reach their target audience and people to get their queries answered. If these platforms are used well, a marketer can conduct a really good research and even advertise here; the only caution is to keep you advertisement and posts separate. That’s it!

4. Customer Review Networks

There are numerous customer review networks online and the most famous among the lot is undoubtedly Tripadvisor. Globally, people look into the reviews here to get a fair information about a place. Similarly, there are such networks for buying clothings, cosmetics and even there are food reviews available. These are the places where you need to reach well so as to leave a good impression on your target audience. If you receive a good review on these platforms, answer with a token of gratitude or if there is any query from their end, do take out time to answer it.

Experts can help!

Now that you know that these 4 types of social media presence can help you improve your brand value and lead to an increased ROI, why don’t you try it yourself? But, in this cutting edge competition you need some really pro ideas for your social media marketing. The best suggestion we can give you here is to hire a good certified inbound marketing agency and take your business to new heights.

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Bill Cosby Reputation Scandal: Online Reputation Expert

The Online Reputation Expert, Herman Tumurcuoglu summarizes Bill Cosby’s reputation scandal.

Bill Cosby is a musician, comedian, and actor that was known throughout North America for his poise, talent, and family oriented style. Families were shocked when allegations of sexual assault broke out and were highly publicized in 2014. Over 60 women came forward accusing hi of a variety of acts such as drugging, rape, the combination of drugging and rape, beating, child sexual abuse, and other allegations connected to sexual misconduct. The earliest incidents that supposedly occurred happened in the 1960’s and the incidents go up into about 2009.

The aftermath of the outbreak and the publicity of the allegations quickly turned Cosby’s offline and online reputation for the worst. Cosby also was at odds with people in his closer networks as well who lost trust in him and could not believe the allegations. It is not good for Cosby’s reputation that he has denied the allegations. It is less than likely that he will win these cases in court with pending lawsuits and allegations. Cosby is lucky that many of the allegations were said to have happened before a certain date which means that he cannot be tried. The statutes of limitations has saved him in many ways but has only made women and Americans angrier which has only hurt is off and online reputation says the Online Reputation Expert.

For more information about how you can avoid a reputation scandal, contact the Online Reputation Expert today. He will guide and if needed, turn your reputation around!

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Some important points related to Instagram usage

Do you have an Instagram account? Instagram is a social media application that allows users to share photos and videos with several important features such as digital filters and compatibility with other social media applications like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Instagram arranges for each displayed content to be box-shaped but you can crop your photo into a square shape if the image is wider. This social media platform is compatible with two smartphone operating systems, Android and iOS.

In this article we will cover some important points related to Instagram usage:

Instagram is one of the three most popular social media applications

Instagram has more than 500 million users. Instagram, since its inception in 2010, continues to grow in popularity until now. In 2012 this app was acquired by Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg paid $ 1 billion. Since held up, Instagram increasingly dominate the Internet world and some of its features seem similar to Facebook. Almost all Internet users have Facebook and Instagram accounts, proof that Instagram really dominates the virtual world.

Instagram is perfect for use as an online promotional media

This application has many users, therefore very suitable to be promoted media. Now online trading step by step is changing the dominance of offline trading. The value of online trading transactions reaches billions of dollars each year.

Popularity is the most important thing when we make Instagram as a media campaign

Your account can be a storefront for your product. The more popular your account the more people see your content. The more popular your account the more people see your products.

Like and number of followers are the two parameters that determine the popularity of an account

You should be aware that a popular account will receive a lot of likes constantly. Such accounts also almost certainly have many followers. Thus you need to focus on adding likes and followers. To add likes you can do several ways, among others, by interacting normally with others (fellow Instagram users), mutual follow and give each other likes, and so forth. You can also buy Instagram likes from Instagram likes providers that can be easily found. This is an instant and highly recommended way by online marketers to speed up the time to process an account. Likewise to increase the number of followers, you can buy Instagram followers from various services available on the Internet.

Embed hashtags

To attract people who are interested in a particular theme you need to embed a hashtag on each content you upload. With hashtags then you can make your content appear for certain keywords. Of course this method can capture as many people as your followers, or at least give like to your content. This is the most important thing you need to know.

Write captions that inspire people
You should know about power caption. An inspirational caption can make many people interested in giving like. You may have to learn to make words that inspire your target market.

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How can they be used to boost Instagram Followers

I recommend that if you have an interest in obtaining into Instagram you spend some time up front doing your Hashtag research. Hashtags are add in a caption of a photo that you submit. To produce a hashtag you should utilize the # icon at the front of the tag and afterward add a keyword phrase or a number of keyword phrases without rooms after the hash sign.

You may post an item image of a pair of pants. Your Hashtags might be: #fashion #style #jeans #lovethatstyle. You might currently know with Hashtags as they are additionally popular on Twitter but if you do not take a look online to see some instances of how they are being utilized. The objective of the hashtag is to identify your image to a subject or topic classification that is ‘searchable’ or ‘popular’ on Instagram.

No unique personalities can be made use of in your Hashtags [email protected]$&

Instagram includes an effective search feature so if posts are set to ‘public’ you could make use of Hashtags to tag your pictures and video clips so that the content comes to be easier to look and comes to be more available to the public. That suggests when a person runs a search and also is exploring that ‘search term’ your web content could be discovered which brings about more individuals finding out about your organization or brand name.

You could likewise get more followers by taking a look at the hashtag trends and posting a photo that fits that pattern. For instance, if you recognize that a lot of people posts POTD (photo of the day) tags, then you can upload a picture on that similar trend. These approaches are the benefits of using Instagram to grow your business.

Some Hashtags are incredibly popular so it’s important to recognize the ones that are most relevant to your market. People are chatting, liking, complying with and sharing your content. Hashtags assist in obtaining the word out if used efficiently so take some time to learn how to make use of these to obtain the most effective out of your material.

Tell People What to Do

From our first-hand experience in Instagram is a unique social media network in this respect. A normal person on Instagram will certainly to consider a photo, examine the summary, and also follow the call to action. To make sales in Instagram you need to provide a telephone call to action “Click the web link in profile if you wish to learn more!”

Take into consideration going to your competitor’s pages. Take a look at their popular messages as well as pictures. As you locate images your specific niche audience is connecting with, make similar ones for your page. So buy Instagram followers on social networks. Do not upload your associate web link in this place, develop a fascinating freebie rather. You can publish this giveaway web link on Instagram as well as any social network.

Do not make the error of believing one “in the past and after” picture on Instagram is going to obtain you a sale. The function of Instagram advertising leads the prospect right into a sales atmosphere. Because that is not the instance, after that chances are, they have not heard your pitch. Take them off of the social media network with a call to activity.

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Three ways Twitter can help your marketing strategy

No social media marketing strategy would be complete without Twitter. For those still uncomfortable with using social media for businessand who do not have the time or money to invest in a digital marketing course, here’s one essential element you should not neglect.

Twitter is a popular social media platform, made even more well-known courtesy of the current US president. But it also hasimmense business advertising capabilities. Mind you, there is a danger in using social media improperly. It can result not just in ineffective efforts to advertise your product, it can generate product avoidance by unintentionally annoying people.

Remember that “Lost another one to Ditech!” ad? The one with the annoying salesman who represents Ditech’s competition? While the intention is to present Ditech in a relatively positive light by using an annoying competitor, the commercial was so irritating, it made me want to avoid Ditech, no matter what it sold. (Ditech is a mortgage company.)

Twitter is a platform for sending brief and rapid comments. It’s really good for rapid response in real time, but really bad for communication that requires some time and complexity. Nevertheless, Twitter can play an important role in a complex marketing strategy and here is what you need to know.

I won’t bore you with setting up a Twitter account and accessing Twitter Ads or Twitter for Business. Let’s jump right to looking at what types of advertising tools are available.

First, there are Promoted Accounts which lets you follow your own account. Just left of your Twitter stream, underneath statistics, a box will contain users they suggest you follow based onyour preferences. Businesses with related keywords focusing on your geographic locale will show up here. Other Twitter profiles may show up as promoted accounts if the key demographics are the same. They will show up under “Similar to…”

Promoted Accounts may also show up in searches for certain keywords under People. In general, Promoted Accounts just provides more exposure for your business and helps recruit followers interested in the kind of things you do. This can give you a leg up when a major promotion is pending or at a time when your sales are naturally at their peak, (for example, selling toys at Christmas time).

Promoted Tweets make it possible to emphasize an important update or improvement and gain more attention. The effect is to provide more exposure for both your profile and Twitter at large. Use it for disseminating content, creating greater awareness, bolstering brand recognition and presenting special offers.

Promoted Trends are themes and hashtags that rise to the upper levels of Trending Topics. (They can be found on your Twitter homepage under Trends.) Promoted Trends provides your company with the capacity to initiate a trending subject on Twitter. Use Promoting Trends to enhance global awareness for an impending product launch, an upcoming event, and for promoting your brand by association.

After becoming familiar with the Twitter Advertising options, it’s time to create your campaign. Start with your target audience. Is it geographically specific? If so, describe it in as much detail as possible.

You can build a group of followers by promoting your Twitter account. If you want a broader exposure to your profile, you can set up a budget to support your Promoted Account campaign and bid a suggested amount. As with most things, the higher the bid, the better the exposure. But if you are on a shoestring budget, you can just bypass this option. Don’t worry you can always go back and change it.

You can amplify selected tweets to be promoted. Twitter offers the option of letting you select them yourself or Twitter choosing which ones are best for you based on the record of engagement. Here as well, you craft the budget based on how much you want or can afford to spend, including nothing.

Finally, you need to select a payment method.

How do you track your success (or lack of it) on Twitter? Twitter provides two levels of analytics for both paid and free activity. The process involves how many impressions Twitter attracts to your site via Promoted Accounts, Tweets, and Trends. It provides a deeper knowledge of your customer base and metrics for traffic and conversions.

So, to summarize, try Twitter Advertising if you want a larger following, improved business exposure and amplifying tweets to your targeted client pool.

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Social Media has without doubt become very important lately. Not just for individuals, but for

businesses alike. Whether we agree or disagree on what social media has to offer, it is a no

brainer that not having an active social media presence in today’s day and age is like having a flip

phone in a world of iPhone addicts.

There are a number of social media, branding as well as website design company in india that

are reaching out to businesses and helping them grow faster than ever through Social Media


But before you set your expectations from social media, we’d like to list out things that social.


There are certain things that you should be expecting if you have invested i social media


  1. Awareness: One thing Social Media is best at is that it allows you to reach out to a large number of people at a cost that you can ever ever imagine through any other channel. These people can be your potential customers thus, can lead to sales. Everytime you post something engaging on your social media, you increase the chances of increasing your web traffic and leads.
  2. Retain customers: It is noted that brands who have a social media presence have higher brand loyalty than those brands that don’t. Along with just being present, it is always prefered that the brand is active, engaging and constantly talking to it’s audience.
  3. Transparency: Once you are present on social media channels, it obviously given you an edge over brands who are not doing so. How? People tend to trust brands better if they present on social rather than not having any social media presence. It also gives your audience an open forum where they can talk to you, give their feedback and thus allows you to get better and grow as a brand.


Everything has limits. So does social media and we need to accept that. It is unfair to have expectations from social media marketing that might never come true. It’s like having an really wild fantasy that you cannot reveal to other people and thus it can never come true.

  1. SUCCESS WITHOUT INVESTMENT: You cannot expect your brand to suddenly become the best and most trending brand on social media if you are unwilling to invest anything. You would have to invest, however little if you wish to see real results from social media marketing.
  2. OVERNIGHT SUCCESS: Everything takes time. Same goes for social media marketing as well. It is not like you started your social media today and you start expecting leads and sales the very next day. If you have this in mind while going for social media marketing, then you have chosen the wrong weapon.

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Various Effectiveness of The Digital videos

Digital video is the most persuasive and engaging method of broadcasting messages to the audience. It works as a better approach to spread message among the listeners and advocate a bigger brand name. The benefits of digital videos are multi-fold. You can advertise your product; create awareness or record incredible moments of your business. In a nutshell, you can steer towards the pinnacles of success using the digital media.

The traditional days of advertising which included large chunks of text have subsided. People have adopted the digital video production which works better to get your things actually noticed. Many video production companies in London offer high quality video making services. The creative team strives to feature interesting films on different concepts. They use the advanced digital technology to film lively videos and clippings. Eye-catching animation, engaging scripts and amazing production styles accentuate the beauty of the videos. The professional team works to deliver the best films depending on your budget and timeline.

Types of Digital Videos:

Charity Videos: You can get all your charity works filmed. All your notable charities are digitalised using high-end technology. The highly-polished videos work to attract the attention of the viewers.

Corporate Videos: The corporate video production is the most-effective way to communicate a message to the masses. You may need videos for different kinds of corporate ventures which include campaigning videos, marketing research, and advertisement of brand name and training videos for the employees. Viral videos often known as “word of mouth” are essential to create inspiring and effective videos for the target audience.

Training Videos: Every organisation needs to train their workforces time to time. Training videos are the most reliable way to convey message and facts to the employees.

Healthcare Videos: The healthcare videos help spread awareness about the medical science. All the filming is carried out at healthcare units such as hospitals, hospices, research and care unites. The videos cover advices from the medical experts and create awareness and tackle challenges faced by healthcare units.

Case Study Videos: The case study videos reflect the performance record of a company and build a good reputation for it. They work to create strong business relationships and demonstrate the principles of your organisation. The market case studies help recognise the brand value of your products and get feedback from the customers.

Felicitation Videos: These videos capture the glorious moments of award ceremonies. You can maintain a record of all your functions. They could be used to motivate the other working fellows.

Conference videos: You can record the minutes of your important business meetings and conferences. They could be useful for the absentees who could not attend the meetings. All the essential events such as interviews with the guests and lectures from the speakers are recorded.

The video production companies in London work for all kinds of business organisations ranging from small to very big enterprises. They use the right blend of text, music and animations to produce high-quality appealing videos full of life.

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Social Media Company Helps to Get Real Followers for Better Business Opportunities

Nowadays, businesses have started integrating social media tactics into their marketing strategies following the huge global success of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Critics argued that the effects of social media marketing could not be quantifiable. Well, that was in the past. Presently, virtually all social media marketing agency can show data and metrics that are factual, qualitatively and quantitatively measurable.

With digital media making significant improvement every second, the mode in which businesses engage their targeted audiences have taken a turn that nobody would have envisioned about a decade ago. Social media presents an interactive platform for businesses to discuss with their proposed target audiences and make their presence felt in their business niche. This can be likened to the modern version of the good old “word of mouth” marketing strategy that enables businesses communicate efficiently and effectively with a wider range of people with a higher success rate and at a lesser cost.

Mstrmnd Creative provides top notch social media service in Toronto to interested businesses seeking to not only increase traffic to their website but also increase revenues using social media marketing. This is perhaps the most significant method of carving a niche for your brand in the light of stiff competition you are faced with in your business domain. The branding is done through the help of wide-reaching social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Social media is indeed providing businesses with something to smile about in these difficult times, for this reason, digital media experts should be trusted to provide authentic recommendations and opinions. A good social media company in Toronto will study and understand the present business requirements and preferences of a specific business before mapping out a strategy.

Social media companies are aware of the advantages of using a variety of strategies and how they can affect the business in terms of revenue. All these strategies are intended to improve the results of branding, promotion and the marketing inputs of business, as well as maintaining and improving their online reputation. But in order to guarantee that these strategies would yield positive results for businesses, it is vital that every technique is carried out with moral standards.

It is perceived that many businesses have a huge number of followers and every time they update their social media accounts, it is swarming with likes. This is probably false. Majority of these followers are not even real and so it has no effect on the ROI or the customer base of a specific business.

Social network companies that follow a certain moral standard will ensure that even if you do have just a few numbers of followers, they will all be real. From a business angle, real followers translate to prospective potential customers. It is pertinent for businesses to recognize that having millions of false likes and followers would only build a false online reputation, while real followership presents the opportunity for significant growth in traffic and revenue.

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Stay Updated Using Social Media Tracking

As the world keeps advancing, the need for businesses to keep up with trends and activities on social network is of paramount importance. Networking now has become an important marketing strategy. The social network has created a strong platform for businesses to grow and effectively meet their customers’ needs, thereby improving relationship with them. Universal Info’s social media tracking techniques and tools is all you need to further increase your exposure.

Social media gives your business the added advantage in getting up close and personal with your customers. Having known this, business owners should now understand that advertisement is not enough for the market of today. Back in the days when adverts offer enough grounds for so much publicity, it has been a quite different story now. People are now opting for other means of creating awareness and increasing their customer base. One of such method is social media tracking.

For this reason you need to understand closely your customer needs, be open to reviews, conversations and forums that provide information about needs that are peculiar to both new and existing customers.

One of the ways to help you effectively get such information is using social media monitoring tools. You need to perfectly understand your customers before handling this monitoring tool. Some of the ways include

  • Finding out how much influence a customer has. If an issue or opinion is raised about your brand by customers find out the level of influence such customers hold. Find out answers to question such as do they have many followers on social network? Or do their post get a lot of shares or retweets? If they have a blog how much traffic do they get daily? Answering these question would go a long way in determining how to deal with your clients
  • Look out for customer opinion. Are their posts negative or positive? This is important. Although these monitoring tools can help in tracking down negative posts about your business.
  • Also you should look out for how much concern is made to a post or campaign, as some tools do keep track of keywords over a period of time. Following up the number of conversations arising because of a particular concern helps businesses know to what extent and how effective their campaign on social media is. With this and looking out for customer opinion as well, is a great deal towards improving your target customers.
  • One last essential thing is that businesses using social media tracking tool should also be ready to make quick response and structural changes.

Having gone through all these process effectively and understood them and precisely known their impact, getting a social media monitoring tool would be much easier for you. You are able to understand your customers properly and restructure your business to the needs of your customer. Choose a professional digital marketing company to provide a social media tracking tool that would best fit your business and in the long-run help improve the overall performance of the business.

Following up with trends on the social network today is vital for business looking to grow and expand. Take your time to understand your customers with the tools and improve services.