Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Digital Marketing

The introduction of new and modern technologies has changed the way people do things, even the way they do business.

Nowadays, brick-and-mortar businesses are either turning their business model to an online one or enhancing their current marketing efforts by investing in the services of a highly competent digital marketing agency.

Even if you receive a significant amount of traffic to your site, it won’t amount to anything if they are not converted into leads or sales, which is why many brands now consider the help of a digital marketing agency a must.

With all the benefits it has to offer, digital marketing is now considered an integral part of today’s online marketing efforts.

Below are some of the ways digital marketing can help your brand survive and thrive in the very competitive world of online marketing:

It helps level the online playing field.

Years prior, digital marketing is seen as something only large and multinational corporations can afford.

However, that notion is flawed.

If truth be told, digital marketing actually makes it possible for small brands to compete against their huge counterparts.

Through digital marketing, small brands are given access to marketing processes and resources that are available to large corporations.

Today, small businesses can already engage with other customers from different parts of the world even if they don’t have branches or stores in those locations.

It is more affordable compared to traditional marketing.

Understandably, small businesses have little in terms of capitalization and resources.

Fortunately, with digital marketing, they now have a better and more affordable marketing channel that will surely deliver results.

Some research show that a staggering 40 percent claims getting significant savings by utilizing digital marketing methods in the promotion of their products and services.

In line with this, it’s not surprising to see a huge shift of business owners spend their marketing allocations on digital marketing as opposed to traditional marketing channels.

It can help generate better revenue.

With higher conversion rates, businesses can also expect higher and better revenues.

A study conducted by Google indicated that brands who use digital marketing strategies experience at least 2.8 times better in terms of revenue growth expectancy compared to those who don’t.

When there is significant revenue growth expectancy, your brand will have a better chance of expanding your business and workforce.

Revenue growth also opens doors to larger and better markets both local and international.

Simply put, digital marketing can help fuel the growth of not just huge enterprises but also small and medium ones.

It can help facilitate a better interaction with the target audience.

One of the primary reasons why digital marketing has successfully taken over traditional marketing channels can be due to its ability to interact with the audience they are targeting in real time.

Nowadays, digital marketing provides the best options when it comes to increasing connection and engagement with customers, both prospective and current.

Using the right engagement points can help ensure you will get an insight into what the people you are targeting really want.

Once you are able to gather the right data, it can help you identify your next marketing moves, build better relationships with customers, and provide exceptional customer service.


Digital marketing can help your brand use proven techniques and strategies that will not only generate more traffic but deliver targeted traffic that will give you the results you are looking for.

In a nutshell, in the fierce online marketing world, your digital marketing efforts can now help determine whether your business and brand will survive or thrive.


Level Up Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook has been one of the most effective platforms to market your business online. Facebook offers different tools which can help you create a successful online campaign for your business and establish strong online presence. Written below are some tips that you can follow to ensure you create good impressions and connections with your customers.

Time Your Posts and Ads Wisely

When posting on Facebook or scheduling your ads, it is essential that you know how to time it wisely. Remember, the period of the day when your posts or ads are shown has a great impact on their effectiveness. Do your research on which days are most people in your target market online. Some have said that lunch break and early evening are the ideal times to interact with your audience.

Do test runs of your ads as well. Post them on different days and on different days and find out which time slots are most favorable to you. You can also try a company that offers social media marketing services for a more hands off approach.

Be Economical

When you use Facebook Ads Manager to put up ads all over it, you will be asked for a bid price. What is the significance of the bid price? Well, if you have a low bid price, Facebook will show your ads to those people who spend a lot of time on Facebook. Sounds right for you? Wrong! These people generally spend a lot of time on the social media site and therefore, they are less receptive to advertisements online. Hence, your ads will not be as effective. Furthermore, it will affect your quality score negatively and you might even lose more bids. It is a vicious cycle!

Here’s a tip: do not overbid in the price, your max bid price should be the real amount that you can spend on per click. Bidding too low is also not preferable since you will lose all bidding in that scenario. Study first your campaign. Have a daily budget for your ads and work on that budget. There is a sweet spot in your ads wherein you can have the most number of clicks in the budget that you can afford.

Target Your Audience

Before you put your ad or post out there, you need to identify first your target market. Your product or services might be geared towards a certain segment of the population and trying to blanket market out there might actually hurt you in the long run.

With Facebook, you can narrow down the people that will be exposed to your ads to your fans or followers, for instance. To be able to effectively narrow down your target audience, you need to be as detailed as possible in inputting their descriptions to help Facebook in weeding out others. The key to an effective ad is to make pertinent people see and click your ad.

Tell Your Story The Right Way

After narrowing down and specifying your target audience, the next thing to do is find the right story to tell them. Your goal is to make them read your ad and click on it. What you need to put on your ad depends on your product and your target audience. The ad’s words, voice, content, and style all depend on those two factors. So research thoroughly what your target audience most likely will respond to.

Never ever forget to have a call to action at the end of the ad. You can use applications that can help you test different titles, body texts, and images in order to ascertain which ad will be most effective. Tools like those available in Qwaya and other programs will surely help.

Utilize the Conversion Tracker

You should be aware that different types of ads and posts have different ROIs or return on investment. You’ll know that you’re doing the right thing when you have good ROI on your ads. You can opt to have conversion tracking services of software like Qwaya. In their conversion tracker, you will be able to know exactly which ad paved the way for a certain sale. This is important to ensure that you put your advertising expenses in the right plac



If you’re a business owner, you know how tough and demanding it can be to run one. You have to know everything and be one step ahead at all times. It was probably harder when you had to start, but now, you’re confident with yourself and how you run your enterprise. And if you’re not a business owner and work in a big corporation, there are challenges that are just as hard. You know how to overcome them now and feel almost like an expert in your field. There are times though when everyone needs a bit of help.

Marketing is an area where it’s becoming more and more popular to outsource. In terms of creating content, marketing ads, or copywriting, a lot of businesses are giving it to the expert to do. Why not? It can save you a lot of time and effort plus you get quality work out of it. What could be better?

Know Who to Trust

Outsourcing work to someone else might seem like removing the responsibility from your plate, but, it really doesn’t. You have to search for the right service because not all are created equally. Not all have the same level of expertise and not all provide the same menu of services. If you search hard enough you might stumble upon Refresh Marketing. This Australian-based service has a true-blue marketing maven at its helm. One of the great things about this company is that they have a variety of services you can choose from. So, whether you need help crafting a brochure, writing copy, or coming up with a slogan, then they’re your best bet.

Avoiding the Advertising Divas

Whenever you bring in an agency to help you out, a lot of them have quite the number of conditions. The worst is probably that they can only give you a maximum number of revisions. Meaning, it doesn’t matter whether you leave a happy customer or not. With Refresh though, the rule is you don’t leave until you’re completely satisfied. You want a partner when you look for an agency or outsource a marketing service. They must be willing to collaborate with you to get the best possible result.

Always Read the Reviews

The best way to judge whether a service is worth investing in is to read the reviews. I mean, whenever you book a hotel or eat at a new restaurant, reading reviews is probably what helps you make the decision. It shouldn’t be any different with a marketing agency. It matters how consistent they are to their promises. If they’re not shy about showing off what people have to say it probably means they’re proud of their work.

Giving someone marketing work to do means you have less on your plate to do yourself. But, it still means you are responsible for all the work they produce. So, always be 100% sure with the service you decide to hire so you’ll be completely confident with the work they give you.


Why Online Reputation Repairing is Most Valuable

Some businesses think that online reputation repairing and management is not effective for their business. However, in a world that is constantly changing and relying on digital communication and information gathering, it is. There are many reasons why ORM adds value to a business professional’s brand or a business’ brand. Especially if you are a smaller firm, online reputation management allows you to keep up with the bigger firms and competitors that have internal departments dedicated to marketing, public relations, reputation management, and brand image. Here are reasons why online reputation repair and management are most valuable:

  • ORM is proactive – Online reputation management allows companies to be actively engaged with their reputations (even offline). It allows companies to respond to bad reviews and brand issues quickly so it does not affect the rest of their business.
  • Online customer service – Using online communication channels allows companies to get to their clients much more effectively. Websites have integrated an FAQ’s page and a contact form on their website for consumers that have more precise questions. More recently, websites have a chat room where companies can chat live with clients and respond immediately. In the same way, social media allows clients to get feedback quicker as they send notifications to the company. As a result, most companies have departments strictly dedicated to social media response (customer service online).
  • CRM – Again, through social media, companies can manage client relationships more effectively. Due to the changing values in the world (individuals being attached to their phones and devices), companies can channel those device relationships through the actual devices.

For more information about Online Reputation Repairing, do not hesitate to contact ORM Experts using the link provided above. ORM Experts are hard to come across; especially ones that understand the importance of ORM for professionals and brands.


Best Paid Marketing Methods to Acquire More App Installs

Budget management is very crucial for every business in the world including mobile app business. Smart budgeting is the one the most important things to do for surviving in fiercely competitive mobile app landscape but most app developers have no time for managing their budget efficiently especially individual app developers or they’re just ignoring it. These types of cases usually can’t win the app marketing strategy because they already have a tiny marketing budget for their apps. For those who has a tiny budget, they need to be extra careful for their app marketing spends because every penny counts for them to achieve the success they desired for their mobile apps. To be able to spend your app marketing budget efficiently you need to fully understand what type of paid marketing channel works best for your apps. This post will guide your way by briefly explaining best paid channels for acquiring new app users when you’re choosing the right one for your mobile app.

Mobile Burst Campaigns

Burst or boost campaign is the best way to increase visibility on the app markets in a short time with gaining high amount of app installs snappily. Acquiring high volume of installs will boost your rankings on the store immediately and your app gets also organic downloads after climbing on higher rankings. Mostly it’s hard to stick in the rank you reached after a boost campaign but it is not impossible with brilliant app quality, reviews and app store page.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising options are also one of the best ways to acquire intended app users because social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram have advanced audience targeting options which are helping you to deliver your product in front of your desired audience easily.

Mobile Ad Networks

Mobile ad networks are the best channel for acquiring high quality mobile app users with different payment models like Cost Per Click, Cost Per Install or Cost Per Action. Ad networks provide high quality app users with low prices when you’re able to optimize your campaigns for the best price. To do that you need a small team for only user acquisition because it is very time consuming and challenging way for beginners. But do not lose hope because I know it is harder to assign even a small team just for only user acquisition so in this cases, it would be wise to work with a cheap and experienced advertising partner like App Samurai, a self-service mobile advertising platform working with 50+ ad networks to filter the best traffic for your app. You just need to enter CPI bid and amount of money to spend and let them arrange everything for your app. It’s so simple and cost-efficient because you don’t need to spend money for testing ad networks.

Retargeting Ads

And lastly, Google or Facebook retargeting ads is the best paid marketing option for re-engaging potential customers of your app by targeting people who’ve visited your website or Facebook page before. It’s mostly used for mobile games which have grown user base.

Thus, each channel has different options, performance varies according to your marketing goals. Now with the given information above, you’re ready to choose best paid marketing channel for your app marketing goals.


Preparing Your Business for Digital Marketing Services

The task of building an efficacious digital marketing plan may seem easy the first time. But if one is not careful, it is equally easy to make a mistake. For a majority of businesses, the traditional marketing concept is quite familiar. When it comes to proper use of digital tools, it is more involving and may require hiring a competent SEO agency Leicester. One of the best things about online marketing on the other hand, is that there is never a shortage of options.

That notwithstanding, more often than not, success lies in choosing the right plan of action and implementing it to the latter. As if that is not enough, measuring returns on your investments and effectiveness is much simpler compared to the traditional marketing techniques. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy has numerous key elements, including:

  • Online advertising
  • Growing e-mail newsletter subscriptions
  • Building organic visibility with the search engines
  • Marketing automation

The above listed elements are just a few among a plethora of options that businesses can employ in their digital marketing strategy. In fact, over the last couple of years, online marketing has factually exploded into an industry of its own. With more elements than you can imagine, it can be hard knowing where to begin. If you do not have any experience in this field, it is recommended that you find a competent SEO agency Leicester to help you build and implement a comprehensive business strategy.

The most important factor in any digital marketing strategy is getting your goals and objectives right. They are critical to helping the business successfully connect with its target audience. Before you hit the road looking for the most experienced digital marketing service provider, it is essential that you set your business goals. You would never move forward if in the first instance you do not know what you are working to achieve.

The next crucial thing to do is to come up with marketing objectives. Goals may not be so useful when you do not have specific considerations that indicate when each of those goals is achieved. Take that one of your marketing goals is generating more leads and sales. The objective should define the number of leads and sales generated for you to have achieved. In essence, these objectives often define how a business moves from one point to another.

When setting up your marketing objectives, it is important that they are as realistic as possible. If for example, you set an objective of boosting your sales by 1,000%, you would be setting yourself up to failure. This is never a good idea because besides the resources used to try and increase your sales by that imaginary margin, you would also have given your competitors an edge over you.

Last but not least, come up with your ideal customers. Many times businesses suffer from low social media engagement. More often than not, it is as a result of a business lacking precise customer profiles. Know the personalities of your target audience. This means that you need to know their interests, age, motivations, habits, pains, obstacles, objections and even incomes. The idea is fully connecting with the right audience before contacting your preferred SEO agency Leicester.


Top 6 Online Marketing Tips

Are you looking to improve your online marketing game but not sure how?

Online marketing can be a pretty tricky business.

In general, finding and reaching customers has always proved to be a challenging task whether you are online or offline.

However, online marketing proves to be especially challenging due to the added requirement of one needing to be both technologically savvy and have a deep understanding of the psychological aspects of their customer.

So how do you navigate the tricky world of online marketing?

Read this article to learn the top tips for nailing the online marketing game.

1. Nail Your First Impression

Think of your site’s landing page like the handshake when you first meet someone and introduce yourself.

The landing page is an online customer’s first impression of your company, so you want to make sure you get it right.

Make sure your landing page includes a clear call to action so customers who like your site have a way of immediately taking the next step to engaging with your product or service.

Register/sign-up links are a great way to keep your audience engaged with your brand.

Also, make sure you create a sense of urgency. If people can sign-up whenever they most likely won’t do it. Make sure you say something like “sign-up this week only to get your exclusive free trial.”

2. Implement Videos

Implementing video into your online marketing strategy can be one of the most effective ways to engage your customers.

Including high-quality, engaging videos on your site is a great way to engage your customers and boost your rankings on search engines.

3. Identify Your Audience

Perhaps the most important aspect of online marketing is figuring out who your audience is and what their preferences are.

Getting to know your audience will allow you to target your online marketing strategy directly towards those who are interested most.

Do your research to learn everything you can about your audience and always keep your audience in mind with every type of content you create.

4. Create Quality Content

Would you trust a site with a bunch of typos on it or would you bother coming back to one that was boring to browse?

Probably not, right?

In order to build customer trust and keep them interested in what you have to offer, you need to make sure you are consistently creating quality content.

This means every piece of content you release should be valuable in some way to your customer. It should be error-free and written in a way they can understand.

Churning out a bunch of low-quality content isn’t going to do you any favors.

5. Hire a Good Team

Implementing an online marketing strategy all by yourself is no easy task.

Make sure you have a good team behind you who can help you launch your marketing campaign and take your online marketing game to the next level.

6. Analyze

After you’ve implemented an online SEO marketing campaign, be sure to analyze the results.

Tweak anything that doesn’t work and stick to the things that do work. And never be afraid to try something new. You can always make adjustmen


5 Common Search Engine Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

With so much of buzzing about SEO on internet, making mistakes is pretty obvious and natural for even the experts. Even if you have made a mistake while working on search engine marketing for your website, it is worth visiting so that you can stop your website for not getting the shine it deserves. Here are some of the common mistakes even the experts make at times. The most important point is that you can rectify it with some effort and knowing the right way.

  1. Buying cheap traffic

There are many people who would offer you traffic on your website with spending just $5. In the first look this might seem a smart SEO tactic, but in the long run it is not going to benefit you and if the search engines figure out these fraud clicks, it might harm your website. So, if you have not done anything like this before, never get tempted also. Contact Webryze SEO Guru to know about the solutions.

  1. Buying backlinks

One of the biggest mistakes some businesses desperate for SEO to work do is buy backlinks to their websites. Some SEO companies would offer many backlinks so that your website gets seen on the first page of search engine result quickly. Just keep in mind that these backlinks usually come from disreputable or fraudulent websites which are definitely going to bring harm to your search engine marketing goals.

  1. Stuffing of keywords

Few years back when keywords were one of the biggest sources to get traffic, people started taking undue advantage of it. With time the guidelines offered by search engines changed and this tactic no longer works today. This does not mean that usage or importance of keywords is gone. What you need to do today is use relevant keywords where necessary, but focuses on making great content.

  1. Not paying attention to meta tags and description

Today, search engines see the Meta tags and description of websites and if you do not use them or use them inefficiently, your ranking gets affected. So, in order to make your search engine marketing work, you need to use relevant Meta tags and descriptions for different pages.

  1. Not using the right apps

Most of us are aware that Toronto SEO is complicated. There are apps that have eased the work. If you do not have them, you are wasting a lot of time and energy. Make sure you gather complete information about the apps and their uses before you start using them.

All the above mistakes are harmful when you are doing them or any of them with regards to your website designed for your business. If anything is done for the sake of fun or to win a bet with friends, it is fine. But when you are up to serious search engine marketing, you need to keep in mind the above points and take all necessary precautions needed when you are dealing matters online. Avoid the five SEO mistakes and you will be on your way to stay ahead in the game.


Yeah! Local – Improve Your Business Marketing Strategy

Most small business owner likes to get the worldwide attention of their business to the maximum. Advancement in technology leads to the better and faster communication. Accessing the website is quite easier and it dominantly serves in increasing the marketing stability in the absolute style. YEAH! Local SEO is a professional in offering you the complete building of website and improving the business to the highest extend. SEO is key part of the puzzle for making the websites to attain best rankings in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Small business does not have the appropriate budget and time to focus on the advertising issues so that they choosing the reputable SEO companies who are well versed in the field. Professionals checks and balances the website according to the stability so that it would be quite easier for targeting the audience in much secure way.

Result Oriented Service:

YEAH! Local offers the professional way of optimizing your website with gaining the better experience so that it would be quite suitable for enhancing the marketing strategy. Highly entertaining website becomes the best option for keeping visitor attention and gaining more audience. To stay on your website, it is necessary to add traffic by the professionals YEAH! Local and that it would increase the ranking accordingly. Most of the business owners like to get their website up so hiring the professional SEO expert has the absolute way of innovative strategies that would ultimately improve the website content in the extraordinary way. There are many number of ways of achieving the website ranking that includes keyword research and analysis so the professionals carefully consider with the better result oriented options in the enticing way. They are well versed in handling SEO content writing, social networking, link building, content writing and much more.

Targeted Traffic For Your Website:

Professionals are well versed and expert in bringing you the complete SEO and internet marketing service aims to improve overall user experience of the website and it is efficient to bring you more traffic in the extensive way. YEAH! Local helps to build your Google page ranks with creating the backlinks for your website page according to the relevant website. Choose the services best suited for your business requirements and it is quite convenient for getting the right service in the enticing way. Implementation of new website design or social media strategy is also the best option for online marketing.

Justin Herring is the Founder at YEAH! Local. A boutique agency in Atlanta focused on results and ROI with SEO and Content Marketing for our clients. Recognized as an SEO Expert, Speaker, and Trainer.


Take your Business to New Heights by Digital Marketing

Running a business in this competitive world is not an easy job to do. For this purpose, we have to use many different business techniques. As this is aworld of technology, so everything is done easily. And one of that such stuff is digital marketing.Basically, digital marketing is a method to promote the products of your company by using different mediums like advertisements on Television, Websites and LED Billboards. This is a need for every business, and without them, it is nearly impossible to sell your products. Almost every person in today’s world has free access to T.V and the Internet, and due to their excess usage, we can stay updated on everything around the world.

Digital Marketing Agency

A company or organisation which provides the services for the online marketing, like the ads which we see on different websites. This company takes responsibility for each and everything regarding the online marketing of your products. They have many team members who are working all the time to find the best and possible techniques for your business, and indirectly this company is related to the progress of Your Company.Furthermore, they have different packages according to your marketing needs, and that is why Emarketing nerd is now offering nonprofit marketing packages.After this, they will set updifferent strategies to make your products more attractive.

Digital Marketing on Different Platforms

There are several online platforms for this type of marketing, and all of them have their own charges regarding their strength and popularity. Now it is theresponsibility of that Marketing Company to decide that which platform will suit better for the type of products which your company is going to manufacture. Like there are different social media channels, andit is really necessary for them to choose the right one for you.Furthermore, if you are going to own your website, then it is up to that company to design the website in such a way that it not just attracts the visitors but also forces the visitors to buy your products. And this will be only possible when your website will be shown in the top of the search engines.

Furthermore, it is also the responsibility of that marketing company to provide all of these services in your budget as it is acost efficient way of marketing your products. AS this will be building a relation of trust between both organisations.