Bill Cosby Reputation Scandal: Online Reputation Expert

The Online Reputation Expert, Herman Tumurcuoglu summarizes Bill Cosby’s reputation scandal.

Bill Cosby is a musician, comedian, and actor that was known throughout North America for his poise, talent, and family oriented style. Families were shocked when allegations of sexual assault broke out and were highly publicized in 2014. Over 60 women came forward accusing hi of a variety of acts such as drugging, rape, the combination of drugging and rape, beating, child sexual abuse, and other allegations connected to sexual misconduct. The earliest incidents that supposedly occurred happened in the 1960’s and the incidents go up into about 2009.

The aftermath of the outbreak and the publicity of the allegations quickly turned Cosby’s offline and online reputation for the worst. Cosby also was at odds with people in his closer networks as well who lost trust in him and could not believe the allegations. It is not good for Cosby’s reputation that he has denied the allegations. It is less than likely that he will win these cases in court with pending lawsuits and allegations. Cosby is lucky that many of the allegations were said to have happened before a certain date which means that he cannot be tried. The statutes of limitations has saved him in many ways but has only made women and Americans angrier which has only hurt is off and online reputation says the Online Reputation Expert.

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