Best Paid Marketing Methods to Acquire More App Installs

Budget management is very crucial for every business in the world including mobile app business. Smart budgeting is the one the most important things to do for surviving in fiercely competitive mobile app landscape but most app developers have no time for managing their budget efficiently especially individual app developers or they’re just ignoring it. These types of cases usually can’t win the app marketing strategy because they already have a tiny marketing budget for their apps. For those who has a tiny budget, they need to be extra careful for their app marketing spends because every penny counts for them to achieve the success they desired for their mobile apps. To be able to spend your app marketing budget efficiently you need to fully understand what type of paid marketing channel works best for your apps. This post will guide your way by briefly explaining best paid channels for acquiring new app users when you’re choosing the right one for your mobile app.

Mobile Burst Campaigns

Burst or boost campaign is the best way to increase visibility on the app markets in a short time with gaining high amount of app installs snappily. Acquiring high volume of installs will boost your rankings on the store immediately and your app gets also organic downloads after climbing on higher rankings. Mostly it’s hard to stick in the rank you reached after a boost campaign but it is not impossible with brilliant app quality, reviews and app store page.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising options are also one of the best ways to acquire intended app users because social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram have advanced audience targeting options which are helping you to deliver your product in front of your desired audience easily.

Mobile Ad Networks

Mobile ad networks are the best channel for acquiring high quality mobile app users with different payment models like Cost Per Click, Cost Per Install or Cost Per Action. Ad networks provide high quality app users with low prices when you’re able to optimize your campaigns for the best price. To do that you need a small team for only user acquisition because it is very time consuming and challenging way for beginners. But do not lose hope because I know it is harder to assign even a small team just for only user acquisition so in this cases, it would be wise to work with a cheap and experienced advertising partner like App Samurai, a self-service mobile advertising platform working with 50+ ad networks to filter the best traffic for your app. You just need to enter CPI bid and amount of money to spend and let them arrange everything for your app. It’s so simple and cost-efficient because you don’t need to spend money for testing ad networks.

Retargeting Ads

And lastly, Google or Facebook retargeting ads is the best paid marketing option for re-engaging potential customers of your app by targeting people who’ve visited your website or Facebook page before. It’s mostly used for mobile games which have grown user base.

Thus, each channel has different options, performance varies according to your marketing goals. Now with the given information above, you’re ready to choose best paid marketing channel for your app marketing goals.

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