Be a Professional CEO: Track and Stimulate Employees’ Progress

The business world has completely changed in the past couple of years, and we are witnessing a significant shift in the workforce. There are many young people replacing old and experienced workers. This has put numerous business owners in a tough spot because the new workforce is incredibly different than those that came before them. People are now more educated, and with an abundance of information online, they are capable of handling numerous tasks.

All this makes these new employees much more ambitious. As these young employees are equipped with several skill sets, it is very important that the employer or the business’s CEO find appropriate ways of engaging them in a different way.


It is incredibly important to give your employees the liberty to strive towards achieving their goals. The obsolete trend practiced by numerous CEOs around the world is that they are the most capable ones and that every single employee should follow them no matter what. Turning an employee into a slave is the last thing you should be striving to achieve. The polls in the United States show dissatisfaction among employees, as they feel caged in their workplaces.

This kind of system used to function in the past, but now, as people are equipped with a variety of knowledge, they are much more capable and can offer much more to the company. Trapping them by making them listen to you blindly greatly decreases the chances of establishing a world-renowned brand and a company that employs thousands of people. The main reason why this is counterproductive is the fact that this type of behavior creates tensions between employees.

They feel trapped and limited in their workplace, which will make them search for other options, as people want to progress in their careers. You want to make your employees feel as relaxed in their workplace as possible, and to make them feel free; your workers need to know that they can show their creativity and that their ideas are valued.

Focus on the positive things

Focus on the positive things

Most CEOs around the world are focused on the bad qualities of their employees. This is above everything else, a huge waste of time, as the focus of a CEO should not be on what the employee is not capable of, but on the things at which he or she excels at. Focusing on what your employees are capable of is a very important part of a business plan, as it opens options for incredibly improving productivity.

Based on each employee’s performance in different tasks, it is possible to create a specific workflow plan, which is going to prove to be much more productive. Additionally, as you create a great plan that takes advantage of your employees’ best skills, you are also going to create an environment where everyone is working with things they love to do. This will give a chance to employees to excel in the business they do and flourish in the workplace.

This is an important part of creating a positive atmosphere in the workplace, and it is the best way to increase employee satisfaction.

Give them power

Keeping an employee in the same workplace for a long period of time offers no space for improvement. This is why it is important to give the opportunity to everyone to advance and show what they are actually capable of. In order to achieve this, it is important to stop micromanaging every employee in the office. Take a step back and give freedom to your employees.

We are not talking about letting everyone do what they want, but assigning a task to someone and letting them handle in the way they think is best. For many CEOs this is a very difficult task to achieve, however, it is essential to do this if you are looking to create a team of people who can get the job done without you getting involved. This kind of behavior affects employees positively, as they feel much more appreciated and valued by their superiors.

Empowering employees is only the first step that they should experience. As with all things, giving independence and letting people solve problems on their own can either be a success or a failure. It is very important to react well in both of these situations. If the task given was performed successfully, it is very important to show appreciation and give praise for a job well done. This will make your employees much more confident and they are going to feel motivated to continue putting in more effort in business challenges awaiting for them in the future.

On the other hand, reacting to a task that was not done successfully might be more important, as many CEOs behave different in this scenario. People around you are aware that they have failed and they already feel broken, putting extra stress on them is not something that you should be doing. A true value of a CEO is to handle bad situations in a way that brings people back on their feet and motivates them to continue struggling.

This approach is much better in the long run, as a lot of stress is taken of the employees. They will not lose confidence and next time you approach them with a task they should handle, they will not feel pressured by the previous failure. Putting employees in these positions is also good for them, as more responsible tasks make employees become more skilled over a certain period of time.

Share the success

Share the success

This is a very important part of handling a team and keeping all the members motivated. If you are one of those CEOs who celebrate their team’s success as your personal success, the chances are that your employees are feeling deeply undervalued and are not as engaged as they should be, not to mention that they are most likely dissatisfied with their work position. Remember that any success you achieve as a CEO of a company is impossible without the right kind of people behind you.

This is why it is very important to share your success with people surrounding you. This will not only motivate them to be more engaged in future projects, they will feel much more appreciated and a part of a family. This will make any task thrown at you as a leader much easier to handle, as you are going to be surrounded by a team of people who would follow you anywhere.

So, the next time you and your team finish a task successfully, make sure that you feel everyone who participated valued and shared the success with the whole team; it is the perfect way to increase trust and hope for a stable future of the whole company.

How to track employee performance

Applying all these methods is something that pays of in the long run. Establishing trust is very important, as someone is going to continue running the business once you are gone. This is why every CEO gives his best to share their knowledge when running a company, as someone has to stay behind one day and continue running the business in the most effective way. Luckily the age we live makes following employee performance fairly easy.

There are numerous software solutions nowadays that offer great insight into each employee’s performance. With a little bit of online research, relying on reviews of succession planning software is the best way to find a solution that fits your needs completely.

These software solutions are perfect for creating an interaction between employees and business leaders. Storing incredible amount of data for every employee is incredibly important, as it is easy to access everything that you need to know with a single click. Team managers can input their notes about employee performance, whereas employees can add information on what their future career expectations are.

This all creates a flawless system, which presents a clear picture of every single employee within the company. Furthermore, the fact that your employees are aware that you are relying on this software will make them more competitive. They will always strive to be as engaged as possible, which is very important for establishing a strong foundation within a company. Finally, utilizing this software makes choosing a CEO’s successor much easier, as there is an incredible amount of data out there that explains in detail every step that an employee has taken.

Being a truly professional CEO requires you to rely on all these elements when running a huge team of people. Applying these methods is going to create a company that is like a large family, where everyone is striving to make the whole business succeed. The road to becoming a true professional is very long and there are many challenges, as working with people can be quite hard.

Give it time, rely on these methods and you will witness the increase of productivity and engagement in the company you are running, and you will also ensure that the best person is there to continue where you left off.

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