9 App, an all-purpose App

9app is a very popular application worldwide; for the very first time, it was started in 1999 by the Alibaba group in China. Getting a positive response from all over the world it has now gained base in many other countries as well.  Being itself an appstore 9 app is not accessible on the Google play store. It is known for its authenticity, and this may be one of the reasons behind giving a strong competition to the Google play store.

What separates 9Apps from Google Playstore?

  • Since we know Google has its norms and strict guidelines that are to be followed therefore you may find lots of app on Google play store.But then again it creates a lot of confusion for the users whereas it is not so in case of 9app it incorporates limited apps, and this may be considered as one of its disadvantage as well as an advantage at the same time because it is limited incomparison to Google play store.
  • Apart from that being simple enough to use and being free from viruses and malware it is considered to be one of the reasons behind users seeking 9app as an alternative to Google play store
  • The play store comes pre-installed in smartphones as it’s like a must for every smartphone nowadays while on the contrary, you need to install 9app on your Smartphone

What are the salient features of 9 App?

The 9 App has got many sterling features and thus makes it superior in every possible way.

  • It features categorisation, huge number of apps and many exciting games are available and are accessible free of costs to users.
  • Since it’s not available on play store, therefore, you need to install it through side loading. It is an installation in apk format.
  • It has got a limited size, and that’s what makes it an amazing app, consumes less memory as well as space.
  • Now one of the most desired features it possesses is that unlike Google play store it can install apps without an internet connection.
  • One of the striking features that it possess is that it is suitable for almost all android versions now what else a user wants.
  • It is simple enough to be used with ease and is not time-consuming, helps to provide results faster in limited time.
  • One of the superior features it has got is that it is simply available in fourteen languages, English being one of them.

Thus 9 App is simply an appstore that works wonders for the users and being popular globally it makes sure that people may overcome the language boundations thereby providing various fourteen languages to download plenty of applications without any payment or charges as it is completely free of cost.

It Features plenty of exciting Android games, dating apps, trending apps and various social apps also. 9 app can be simply considered as a library, you need to type the keyword, and the results will be provided to you with a list of several apps related to your search result.

Conclusion is drawn:

A nimble conclusion that we can draw from here is that you should download 9App and enjoy astounding features that it serves.

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