5 steps to a unique and successful website design

Websites are the very basics of online business. And since online business is the new prospect of business in the current scenario, it is a must that you give your business a virtual face, so that your potential customers get to find you and get attracted to your business website. This will ensure that they are converted into potential buyers. However, designing a website is not at all an easy task. It requires a step by step thorough process. The steps that the web design company follows are –

  1. Drawing a sketch with pencil on paper:

Before you go into using the software based designing programs, it is a must that you draw a pencil sketch of the logos, the framework and the navigation layout on paper. Make sure that your design is creative and yet beautifully simple. In the goal of making the design different, avoiding everything popular is not a good idea. Take what is popular and give your own creative twist to it. Making the top-level framework in advance is a good choice as it will help you to design the website better.

  1. Keep the basics in mind:

There are a few things that you need to start right, so that you end up right. These are –

  • Use the right grid, regardless of the software that you are using
  • Use 960px width for older screen monitors
  • Use 1200px for widescreen monitors
  • Use maximum two fonts that blend well
  • Keep a steady colour consistency.

There are tools that will help you to take care of these factors.

  1. Remove what is not needed:

Do not complicate the website with icons, buttons and other such things that are unwanted. Complicating and congesting the website too much will only make the website look ugly and difficult to navigate. A professional web design agency knows how to take care of this.

  1. Make it responsive and adapt well:

The website that you design, should adapt well to the monitor screens that your users will be accessing it on. From small screens to large screens, these websites should adapt well to the monitor screen.

This is very important as the larger proportion of the digital platform users use different kinds of digital gadgets. From smart phones to tablets, from widescreen computers to the old small screen computers, there are so many devices that the website will be accessed through. Hence, the website must be made responsive. If it doesn’t adapt well or fit well, you need to start working on it.

  1. SHARE at an early stage:

Before you start working on the digital process, it is important that you share the sketch, the vision and your design with your clients. This will make sure that they approve of your website designs. As a professional website design company, you should not waste your time in doing something that you will not use. DubSEO a professional web design company in UK, will help you in this process as they follow each of these steps during their website designing task.

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