5 Social Media Habits Every College Student Should Adopt

When it comes to using social media in college, there is certainly a wrong way and a right way. Most people are on some form of social media all day long. It allows them to connect with friends they don’t know and friends they know very closely. This creates an unprecedented amount of global interconnectedness. This is great if you are going to school, because it can help stave off homesickness. However, the downside of social media is that you may be giving too much away. As social media giants evolve, they are creating functions that allow users to post more and more intimate details of their life – in vivid clarity. This is why you may want to think about changing the way you use social media. Here are five social media habits every college student should adopt.

  1. Turn Your Privacy Settings On

Privacy is important. Whenever you set up a new account or update your account, you want to make sure that you update the privacy settings. This means that you can tweak who sees your images and updates – and even who is allowed to comment or follow you. Because social media exposes so much, you want to close the blinds just a little bit.

  1. Limit Your Use of Social Media

If you find yourself using social media all day long, you may want to think about curtailing your use. Indeed, most students don’t stop using social media, because they are getting updates all day long. However, you want to practice some control. You may even want to turn off these updates so that you aren’t constantly distracted. If you spend too much time on social media, it could be getting in the way of your studies.

  1. Use Social Media for Good

Social media can be used for good. Of course, you can use your profiles or accounts to raise awareness about certain causes, but you can also use it to get a job. Some people polish their social media profiles just for the sake of increasing their chance of getting scouted for a position. For instance, if you are going to College of the Atlantic, you may want to post pictures of your life on campus, going to class and taking elective courses. An employer may see these images and decide that you are right for a certain job.

  1. Never Give out Your Personal Information

Of course, you never ever want to give out your personal information on social media. If you are going to USC Online or another online college, you want to avoid putting your phone number or home address out there. This can be dangerous and it can make you vulnerable.

  1. Don’t Post Compromising Photos

On top of everything, you don’t want to put anything on social media that you don’t want your mom to see. Sure, you may feel inclined to post some risqué photos, but you never know who is going to see them. In the end, it is best to be conservative when it comes to the text and photos you post.

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