4 Amazing Ways to Measure the ROI of SEO

ROI-Return on Investment is the most important metric for any business. It can be said; ROI is more imperative than sales or conversions as ROI is considered into account of investment cost. As per the common business senses, if the investment is unable to yield positive ROI or if there is some other marketing channel able to yield higher ROI, it is good to withdraw the current investment.

SEO being the most effective tool for marketing is applicable for such rule of ROI. It is imperative to measure the success of SEO efforts and investments to assure whether the time, money and effort invested are safe or not.

Measuring ROI of SEO campaign is important

SEO measurement is the initial step which leads the business towards improvement. If your business is unable to see any ROI from SEO, then it is wise to cut down the budget for SEO or may even stop the SEO campaign and invest the same in some other marketing channel.

Measuring and reporting the ROI of SEO campaign is very important even though the client doesn’t demand it. You need to remember that ROI is different than organic traffic, rankings organic conversions, thenumber of built links, etc. You have to utilize the information collected from Google Analytics and pull through the data and accordingly analyse the pattern in traffic, increase in the link, and increase in revenue.

4 steps that can help you in measuring ROI of SEO

  1. Rise in organic traffic of non-branded keywords

It is indeed a good sign if you find anincrease in traffic towards your website and you can get assured that your company is well matched with the keyword searches with the search engine results. It is important to get traffic from the non-branded keywords and not only from the visitors.

You need to differentiate this organic traffic and find out whether it is growing over time or not. This is important because the traffic comprises of new visitors who are unfamiliar with your website or business and are in need of the products or services.

  1. Increase in inbound links

Inbound links are considered as the lifeline of SEO. When your website is linked by another, it assures Google that your company is an expert with reliable features and ranks your site accordingly. For gaining online visibility, it is imperative to increase the range of inbound links. This increases rankings, traffic, and revenue.

  1. Web traffic of high quality

It is certainly useless to send unqualified traffic to your website. It is imperative to know, that traffic in high amount is necessary but the traffic generated must be relevant. Quality traffic converts visitors into customers. You need to measure the quality of the traffic.

  1. Revenue

Revenue determines the ROI of SEO which is above than rankings, links, and other metrics. The traffic quality and links towards website affect revenue generation. You need to work on the driving conversions from traffic to ensure valuable ROI from SEO.

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