3 tips on improving your AdWords quality score?

Are you trying to master your PPC? If yes, then you need to have a good understanding of the quality score.  This score will influence not just the cost but effectiveness of your paid search campaign. If you are familiar with credit score, you must know that it tells whether or not you can qualify for a loan and this score will determine your interest rate. Just like that, your quality score affects how the PPC ads in your campaign will perform and how much you will pay for each click.

Before developing your campaign, an experienced PPC company such as PPC Agency London will explain to you the factors that determine your quality score. These factors include:

  • The Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Quality and relevance of your landing page
  • Relevance of the text of your ad
  • Relevance of keywords to the ad groups
  • The historical performance of your AdWords account.

So, what AdWords quality score is termed as a good score? Well, everyone wants their quality score to be 10 but you don’t always get what you want. There are certain types of keywords that don’t get a good score no matter what you do.

Keywords make for AdWords quality score

Just like keywords are the foundation of a PPC activity, they are foundation of your quality score. If your keyword search is weak to begin with, your PPC campaign will suffer.  If you are depending on free tools to find keywords, then this is seriously going to harm your account.

You can find much useful keyword data from log files and web analytics. These sources will tell you the phrases and words people use to search for products and services you are offering. Instead of making guesses, find the best keywords by using the right strategy to search keywords.

Now here is how the scoring phenomena works. Whenever you add a new keyword your account, Google assigns it’s a quality score of 6 automatically. From there, the factors mentioned above will determine if your score will improve or sink. The thing is, not all keywords perform equally. A good quality score makes up the following:

  • A good score depends on the kind of keyword you are dealing with.
  • A good AdWords quality score for branded keywords lies between 8 and 10
  • A good AdWords quality score for commercial keywords fall between 7 and 9
  • If you are dealing with competitor keyword, your quality score should be above 3

Benefits of improving your AdWords quality score

Why should you even worry about your AdWords quality score? As mentioned above, the quality core has a direct correlation with the PPC. When you optimize your quality score, you will get a higher ROI. In simpler words, a good quality score reduces the Cost Per Click and Cost Per Conversation. It means that your PPC ad has met the potential needs of your customers and hence Google will charge you less for the ad click.

How to improve your AdWords quality score?

Now let’s move onto the big task i.e. improving your AdWords quality score. Stick by these 3 useful tips and you will be good:

  • Go for smaller but targeted ad groups

You must begin by structuring your PPC campaigns by opting for targeted ad groups only. This will help you evaluate the relevancy between your search query and the ad.  Set your campaign groups with ad groups that are related and specific to the keywords you are targeting. This is going to be a challenge so these tips might help:

  • Create multiple ad groups, one or two will not be enough.
  • Add a small number of keywords in each add groups.
  • Carefully analyze your keywords and group the similar ones into logical groups.
  • Don’t hesitate in including negative keywords since they perform well.
  • Take all the time you need to structure your account, campaigns and then ad groups. This will help you run your campaigns efficiently and bring the results you are looking for.
  • Develop a kick-ass keyword ad copy

There is no way you can deny the importance of a kickass copy. Create one that is tailored to your keywords. The more your ads are relevant to your keyword, the better they will perform. This won’t just improve the quality score but also the Click Through Rate. Use your keywords in the ad copy too.

Make sure you add the keywords in the text manually by keeping the relevancy in mind. Do not use DKI for automatically adding the keywords. Although Google AdWords allows it and it’s pretty convenient too but it can hurt your quality score. It makes your ad message poor since it simply stuffs it with keywords.

  • Improve your landing page

The content on your landing pages should use keywords from each ad group. The relevancy is important because it will increase the conversion. Why, you ask? When a searcher reads your add and clicks through it too, he will land on the target landing page and if that page fulfills his expectations, then he is going to make a purchase. Use the AdWords keyword tool to find out how Google sees each of your landing pages and the keyword relevancy. Apart from the content, the loading time of your landing page is also used in calculating the quality score. So, double check all the landing pages of your website and make sure they are optimized correctly.

Long story short, AdWords quality score basically measures the relevancy of your keywords. As long as you choose better keywords and your ad groups are well structured, it will naturally improve your quality score and allow your target audience to find what they are looking for. If you are struggling with low AdWords quality score, it is probably because you are using irrelevant keywords, your ad text and landing pages are not optimized.  Start paying attention to the relevancy or hire a professional ad agency to take care of your PPC campaigns so that the desired results are obtained and eventually your visitors convert into customers.

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